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SmallBeast 04-05-2013 06:11 PM

How to grow bigger, stronger, leaner?
SO im doing Steve's " Density and strength" workout on the muscle and nutrition site.
i observed the following:
- I am getting stronger every single day
- muscle getting denser
- adding a little more fat
- IMPORTANT: i finish the work out, but i feel like i can do so much more exercises, hit triceps more.. I FOLLOW THE PROGRAM very well, when it says 2 to 3 back workouts, i do that! i always reach 30 total reps for 7 sets, start at 8 first set and end at 2!

its been 5 weeks:clap:, im going to continue for 4 more months:rockon:... any advice on how i should eat? increase calories, etc.

I wanna grow bigger, have bigger arms ( program doesnt focus a lot on arms)
i wanna be lean and strong.

Stats: :ms:
age 19
5' 11"
chest 42" ... its nice when i just leave gym and cold, but not on other days ( not dense looking)
arm 15 1/2 "
deadlift - 405 lb for 2 reps
bench 235 lb for 3 reps
squat 315 for 6
.. bf % 8-10

should i workout my abs and side oblique ( love handles) I REALLY REALY want them to be straight.

IronWill 04-05-2013 06:20 PM

I would give the program at least a year. If want to increase calories, drink some milk. Learn your body and only add the calories you need to keep growing. This will help from adding too much fat, which you will get some. There may not be a lot of direct arm work, but as you progress to heavier weights, the arms will grow. After the first 6 months you may want to tweak it some for arm isolation work, but trust the process and build a good foundation.

leefarley 04-06-2013 04:59 AM

if you feel you can complete the workout and have allot more in you then your not pushing hard enough on all sets.

I WILL 04-06-2013 06:23 AM

I agree with the above statements. A good place to add the extra calories would be around your workout time.:)

Soldier 04-06-2013 10:35 AM

It seems like you want it all, which is normal but not realistic. It seems like you're doing well, getting stronger and bigger. I'd recomend sticking with that for a while. As was said, your arms will start to grow as the rest of you grows. No one would call my arms small, but I don't do any direct arm work. Deadlifts, rows, anything that hits your back is going to build your biceps better than any curls will.

As for your love handles, don't worry about those for now. Get bigger, get stronger, then later on if you want to shift your focus to leaning out you'll have the muscle to look good lean.

Basically, if you've got something that works, stick with it until it stops working.

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