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SaxonViolence 03-27-2013 11:44 AM

Peak Contraction Exercises?
There are three Exercises that I'm aware of, that fit into this Category:

Leg Curls; Leg Extensions and Hyper-Extensions--with an Olde School Roman Chair, where the legs are Parallel to the Floor.

Let's use the Leg Extension as the best Example.

Our Gym owner had systematically drilled a series of holes in the back of the Leg Extension Machine.

Start with no weight on the stack and straighten your legs just as straight as they will go.

A partner notes how high you go, and inserts a pin. Write the hole# down, and you won't need a partner from now on.

Your job is to Slowly raise the weight Stack until you just touch the pin in the back of the Machine--you'll feel it--and no fair using Momentum to Momentarily "Smack" the pin.

Funny thing is, after three or four reps, even with a goal of 12 or even 20 Reps...

You won't be touching the pin.

Your leg will look straight. It will feel straight--but there will be a .25" of slop in there somewhere...

Getting the Stack to touch the pin requires a lot of Red-Faced Flexing and Straining...

And so far as I could tell, this was purported to be the most result-producing part of the Exercise.

Y'all know about Nautilus Machines?

They're supposed to be 100% Isokinetic--some call this "Isotonic"--but the idea is the Resistance stays the absolute same throughout the Range Of Motion...

It's a Good Attempt, but they don't--not 100%...

I found that if I selected a weight light enough to allow 100% Lockouts at the Top, that 85% of the Range Of Motion wouldn't be at all challenging.

For awhile I used a 3 part Leg Extension:

#1--Heavy, forget Locking Out until Cramping.

#2--Quickly lower weight enough to allow Lockouts and only work the top 20% of the Extension.

#3--When Lockouts are no longer possible, do Full Range of Motion (except for that last 5%) and as many Burns as Humanly Possible.

Now Jason says that one shouldn't do Leg Extensions because of the Shear Forces against the Knee...

And I believe him...

And Honestly, the "Peak Contraction" or whatever you want to call it, doesn't work nearly as well on the other two Exercises...

But has anyone else ever worked this way?

What is your opinion of the Technique/Theory?

{O yeah, Triceps Kickbacks could employ this Principle...)

Know any other movements that one could apply it to?

Saxon Violence

BendtheBar 03-27-2013 04:49 PM

Bumping. This was in a moderated section and had to approve it.

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