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SeventySeven 01-05-2013 01:00 PM

Rough start to the new year
I got a killer flu over the holidays that left me unable to train i lost 7 lbs and if this was all fat id be happy but there was muscle loss. I couldnt keep any food down for a solid week and half, then it was exiting as number 2 as fast i was eating it. I finally got better after some antibiotics started training again and now i may have a quad tear, a minor one though if it is ill keep you updated once i get the results back.
I still have some big goals this year, they have changed. I don't plan on doing a BB show till 2014, but this coming December i will be doing a meet. I know this happens to every lifter i am not discouraged by it my meet goals are
450 deadlift
500 squat...depending on this quad injury this could be a stretch but im shooting for it anyway
250 bench
at @198lbs
I need to really widen my back, bring up my chest.

LtL 01-05-2013 03:47 PM

I've been sick too. This game is always about the long term. Get after it.

Hunterace 01-05-2013 03:54 PM

Glad your over the sickness, you'll get that muscle back quick! Hope the quad isn't too bad and will heal fast! Good luck with your goals!!!:mh:!

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