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SeventySeven 11-12-2012 12:12 PM

Interesting post on Bodybuilding shows
Posted by Cliff Wilson on Friday, and I think he has some interesting points

I am going to make a statement that may be unpopular with some people but hear me out. I HATE THE NIGHT SHOW IN BODYBUILDING! I think that this is something that holds back the popularity of the sport. I propose that the prejudging be moved to night and make that the main event. Then only the top 3-5 placings would earn the right to do a posing routine.

As a fan of the sport I want to see the action and this happens at pre judging. The way our sport is set up is crazy. Let me put this in terms of another sport. I am also a basketball fan. This would be like me going to an NBA game at night. When I get to the game the announcer says, "right now we are going to have a skills competition with a 3 point and dunk contest. But guess what? It doesn't count for anything". Then the announcer would inform us that the two teams actually played a game this morning when nobody was around, and after all the skills were over he would then let us know who won the game that was played this morning. I would think, why in the hell didn't they play the game in front of me?

I realize that many in attendance at a bodybuilding night show are family members that don't know anything about the sport. How are they ever supposed to figure out what the sport is about if we don't give them a chance. I'd like to think that if someone watched a few prejudgings that they would start to pick up on what is going on. Besides the only time I hear the crowd get really fired up at a night show is during the overall posedown anyway. By the end of a night show everyone is burned out and we have to beg the fans for applause. It makes me a bit sad.

I realize that this will never happen but a guy can dream :)

BendtheBar 11-12-2012 12:31 PM

I agree that the pre-judging is the sport. I rarely attend night shows. After pre-judging I've had my fill. I would like to see a final pose down after pre-judging, then winners announced. Night could be for fun. Posing and awards or whatever.

I disagree that night shows play any important role in the popularity or lack thereof for the sport.

The sport of bodybuilding is niche. Always will be. Magazines over the years have intertwined the sport with content for the average man who wasn't necessarily seeking the sport. While some of us like the sport, or aspects of the sport, most don't.

They aren't lifting to compete, nor will they likely follow it. Night shows will have no impact. 95% of forum lifters have never seen a show, nor will they ever. (same goes for powerlifting) Night show or not.

My 2 cents.

Off Road 11-12-2012 12:40 PM

My opinion is that bodybuilding will always be a "fringe" sport/competition until they find a way to "butch it up" a bit. The general public will see it as nothing more than an over-qualified Chipendale's show; nothing but beefcake and oil. Bring back the lifting portion and it may have a chance outside of family, fellow competitors, and sack-riding teenage boys.

Rich Knapp 11-12-2012 04:13 PM

All I can say after having competing in 15 shows and test judging 1 show.


Rich Knapp 11-12-2012 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by Off Road (Post 291642)
My opinion is that bodybuilding will always be a "fringe" sport/competition until they find a way to "butch it up" a bit. The general public will see it as nothing more than an over-qualified Chipendale's show; nothing but beefcake and oil. Bring back the lifting portion and it may have a chance outside of family, fellow competitors, and sack-riding teenage boys.

Go to a power lifting meet.

Rich Knapp 11-12-2012 05:04 PM

This post by Cliff was in conjunction with a Face Book petition. Theres a lot more to it than the little bit posted here and whats funny is he liked the patition page.


Natural Bodybuilding Show Day Reform

This page is a petition to reform the way that natural bodybuilding shows of all federations conduct the show day. By liking this page you are supporting this discussion and 'signing the petition'for a discussion between athletes and federations heads. The current show day format is so long and tedious that it is not enjoyable for the competitors and fans.

Here is what we propose:

1. Instead of
an AM and PM show there should be only one show conducted later in the day.

2. To cut down on the length of this show the routines should be minimized by only allowing the top 5 the right to perform a routine.

This will allow bodybuilding to become more of a fan sport, for show day to finally be an enjoyable experience from beginning to end for all parties involved, and for the sport grow as a whole. To promoters and heads of respective federations, we hope that you will follow this page, it's content and message, and take into consideration the opinions of so many competitors who also support this cause. We don't intend to make immediate changes, but at least to know our opinions are being heard, and that as this page grows, that our opinions will have some effect as this sport grows and goes into the next several seasons.

Please keep all posts, content and comments positive and professional in nature. Any negative, derogatory or trolling posts will be removed along with any members who abuse this page. Our cause can't be taken seriously if we don't conduct ourselves in a way that reflects as best as possible on us as athletes and ambassadors of the sport. So please think before you type, feel free to voice your unique opinion, but please do so in a way that doesn't reflect poorly on the group and cause as a whole.

Off Road 11-12-2012 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by Rich Knapp (Post 291734)
Go to a power lifting meet.

Powerlifting will always be a "fringe" sport/competition too. It's also pretty boring outside of family, fan-boys, and fellow competitors.

I think strongman comps and crossfit comps are headed in the right direction for general popularity. There is enough variety in what they do to keep it interesting. A good mix of masculine physiques or beach bodies (dependant on preference) and physical capabilities; much more like a spectator sport.

Iamnoone 11-12-2012 07:27 PM

Went to a prejudging last year and had a blast. I loved biology in school and the human form is amazing whether male or female. It was an all natural show and I took a younger guy..He was there to watch females but by the end of the day he appreciated the symmetry....

TitanCT 11-15-2012 03:55 PM

prejudging is the show, no doubt...
but its boring to 75% or more of the fans and general people (competitors fams, etc).
its like the "nerd" part of the show. thats why the night show is at night, its the pageantry type part. its more interesting to the general masses.

its not ****in rocket science. shows wont make the same money if the shit is reversed. its the same reason theres a bikini class in bodybuilding. It puts asses in the seats and therefor money towards the show.

like Rich posted a single show would rock in most cases. Some shows do not need to be seperated into two halves, they arent big enough, but youll be hard pressed to see a lot of promoters simplify. they wont make the same money in most cases.

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