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The_Big_Sleep 08-23-2013 12:10 PM

What's your excuse?
What's your excuse today? Because it isn't a good one:

Lisa Krajick is a 47-year-old mother of three who works as a nurse at Levindale. When she was 24 she lost part of her right leg when she was stricken with a bone infection called osteomyelitis.

In the 23 years since her leg was amputated, she has never let anything stop her from fulfilling her dreams, and that includes becoming a powerlifter.

With the aid of a prosthetic (which has a heart painted on it to symbolize her work as a nurse), Lisa has been training at CrossFit Retribution, a gym in Westminster. Over the last seven months she has been learning the art of the deadlift, bench press and squat, and she’s seeing results. In fact, she can now deadlift up to 195 pounds!

The deadlift is a weight training exercise where a barbell is lifted off the ground from a bent over position. A bench press is an upper body exercise in which a person lying on his/her back lowers and lifts a weight to the level of the chest. A squat is an exercise that strengthens the thigh, hip, hamstrings and other lower body muscles. It can include using weights or simply lunging with the legs.

Want to learn more about how this remarkable woman is becoming a champion powerlifter? Read this article featured in the Carroll County Times.

- Trish Smith

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