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JumpmanRugs 08-20-2013 09:13 PM

Freedom is something that is given to each and every one of us at birth, and instantly it's taken from us by various different situations.

The biggest thing that traps us and removes our sense of freedom is society. Society places too much stress on people to be something that often times they don't wish to be.

Imagine yourself as a cartoon, and society is the artist who created you. The artist controls what you like, what you do, and what your movements look like. When I say movements I don't mean how you walk, it is based more on how you carry yourself and how you view yourself.

Freedom is granted to everybody, but not everybody chooses to accept it. Freedom isn't being able to vote, it isn't being able to speak freely. Freedom is doing what you WANT to do, when you want to do it. Freedom is having your hair in the style you want it, wearing the shoes and clothes you want, eating the foods that you want to. It's about standing up for what you believe in and not succombing to the shackles of society. Every day we are placed under these shackles that we find difficult to break. We find it difficult to break free because we have been forced to think in a certain way. You can't have that hairstyle, it's frowned upon. You can't eat that healthy food, that's not normal. You can't wear that pink T Shirt, you're a man. You can't rap, you're white. All of these shackles, along with many more plague our societies daily. Freedom is defined as; 'Exemption from external control, interference & regulation. So why is it that every day we allow an outside influence to impact our lives? It's because a lot of us have to live up to others expectations, we all want to receive affirmation in order to help us feel better.

Why do we need affirmation? We need affirmation because society has told us so. We need affirmation because that is what helps us tick every day. If we wear something new for instance, or get a hair cut and nobody notices, how do you feel? Most people will feel some sort of lesser-being because nobody has noticed the change they made to their appearance in order to make themselves look better. This is what we as a society must deal with on a daily basis. Ask yourself this? Why can't you be what it is you want to be? Why can't you wear that pink shirt? Why can't you have lime green hair? The point is, why are you allowing yourself to be confined to a certain way of life because society wants you to be that way?

Don't allow society to control what you are, become what you want to be. Be happy in who you are, and be FREE in who you are. Don't allow others to determine what you can become, become the real you. Let it all out, and don't hold back. Be proud of who you are.

Make each day your masterpiece


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