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angie828 05-11-2013 07:17 PM

Spend your time...

SecondsOut 05-11-2013 07:35 PM

that's a good one. i think it's hardest in general for teens and people in their 20s to understand that.

growth 05-12-2013 09:55 AM

I agree with secondsout on this. It is very hard for teens to think that way.

fortified 05-12-2013 06:39 PM

Yes teens and those younger do have a hard time with this. But they have not learned how to fully love.

hobbz 05-14-2013 03:15 PM

Great quote. Your life would be much happier if you only loved those that loved you unconditionally.

bruteforce 05-14-2013 03:20 PM

Spend your time

under the bar.

mudrunner 05-15-2013 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by bruteforce (Post 363342)
Spend your time

under the bar.

:) exactly. :strongsmiliete4:

tracker 05-23-2013 04:11 PM

I only spend my time now with those who are good for me. Once in my life I was under lots of bad influences but I was able to get my life turned around.

lightning89 05-27-2013 12:18 PM

Tracker that is what is good for you. If you spend your time with the negative ppl in your life, you just never get ahead.

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