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5kgLifter 04-18-2011 01:10 PM

KB Jerk - 3 position drill
A drill that revolves around teaching the body the 3 main positions that it will be in when doing the KB jerk.

Subnotes to vid:

"Assistance drill for jerk , usually done with lighter KBs before your workout, but after your warm-up. This drill was developed by Sergey Rudnev, to help beginning lifters learn the three main positions you will be in when you are learning the jerk. You will be in each position for 10 seconds, and you will usually only do this drill for 2 to 3 minutes (i.e. for 4 to 6 reps total). The positions are 1) Rack position 2) High Squat and 3) Standing lockout. You also can practice your breathing, making sure to take lots of small breaths.Don't hold your breath, or take big breaths which can cause your ribcage to enlarge and/or your shoulders to rise, both of which will prematurely fatigue you. After you learn these positions, you can adjust the time to address your specific need, such as adding 5 seconds to your weakest one and taking 5 seconds away from your best one (i.e. 15 sec. Rack, 10 sec. HSqt., 5 sec LkOut).

Demonstrating the Jerk is Mikhail (Misha) Marshak, Master of Sport in KB Lifting and a student of Rudnev for three years in Moscow."

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