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Red2Thundercat 01-21-2014 03:04 PM

Whats up
Hows it going guys,
My name is David and i am fairly new to lifting. I have done it off and on but never fully committed myself and now i plan to do just that. I was sent here by Jonathon Byrd after considering his training program which i plan to utilize soon with the resources of this forum.

Nice to meet you all,
Moses Lake, WA

fenrisulfr 01-21-2014 03:07 PM


5kgLifter 01-21-2014 03:15 PM

Hi :)

Cutty 01-21-2014 03:48 PM

Welcome to the forum man. JB's a good guy most of the time.

markievicz 01-21-2014 03:49 PM


Red2Thundercat 01-21-2014 04:48 PM

Thank you

BendtheBar 01-21-2014 05:03 PM

Welcome to the forum. Make yourself at home and don't hesitate to start up a training log.

1morerep 01-21-2014 06:19 PM

Welcome aboard!!! Good Luck with training and getting BIG!!!

Red2Thundercat 01-21-2014 11:39 PM

Thanks guys

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