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ashleyp 04-02-2013 07:55 PM

Newbie today-
Hello everyone, my name is Ashley and I'm 29 yrs old. I'm living in IA, but originally a Buckeye. I'm here because a friend of mine from the Navy recommended it to me. I've been pretty active most of my life, but at 5'6 1/2" (yes the half inch counts!) I only weigh about 112lbs on a good day. I've started doing "cross-fitish" workouts by myself and after conditioning myself with only body weight the last 2 months I'm ready to step up my game. I discovered clean eating about a month ago, so I've been really focused on coming up with new recipes that taste good and are healthy. My goals are probably much like anyone else here. I want to be the best version of myself. Without much fat to work through I'm trying to put on lean muscle. Getting crazy shredded isn't really my thing, but hey, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want some killer abs!:biglifter:

Deadlifting is something I've just begun. For now it's all about perfecting my form. I also really LOVE hot yoga. The studio I go to offers Power Hot Yoga and I try to go at least twice a week.

I have no kids, no BF and am in college to become an RN. I've got 10 years in the Navy under my belt, both active and reserve and currently am attached to an instructor unit that travels all over the midwest teaching Alcohol and Drug management to junior sailors. Welp, that's about all. Hope to pick up some good tips and make some new friends!

5kgLifter 04-02-2013 07:55 PM

Hi :)

BendtheBar 04-02-2013 08:02 PM

Welcome to the forum. Make yourself at home.

northernbulk 04-02-2013 08:14 PM

Welcome to MAB

Hunterace 04-02-2013 09:40 PM

Welcome Ashley!

roing 04-09-2013 08:35 PM

Hello and welcome to the site. Best of luck to you on this:)

BigJosh 04-12-2013 11:36 AM

Welcome aboard!

leefarley 04-12-2013 12:39 PM

hi :)

I WILL 04-12-2013 01:11 PM

Welcome to M&B:)

dossas 04-12-2013 01:21 PM

Welcome to the site.

I have a feeling you'll do just fine here.

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