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Introduce Yourself Introduce Yourself to the Muscle and Brawn Community

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Cool Howdy All

I just joined the Forum—Yesterday, I think.

I lifted heavy back in the '70's to mid '80's.

Somewhere along the line I stopped exercising and now I'm paying for it.

I'm 56 years old. I weight 380, have Diabetes and Neuropathy (partial) in my feet...

I'm on Disability, trying to get by on $950/Month.

And I assure you that my Doctor applauds any attempt to Exercise (though I don't think she has any idea how Lifters Train...)

Anyway, I got to watching some of the Videos on "U" Tube and I got the urge to start lifting again.

I should have my Truck running again in the next few weeks and there is a $10/Month Gym across town (not my first choice, but Choosers cain't be Beggars...)

I trained to Powerlift, but never quite got around to actually competing.

I put some thought into it.

#1} Not terribly interested in Powerlifting at my age.

And I never really got behind the idea of Heavy one-rep Deadlifts...

#2} I think it is a bit late in life to start Strongman Training.

#3} I will never be a Bodybuilder—if nothing else, the Loose Skin I'd have when I lose 100 pounds...

"Just Training" is okay, but lacks focus.

I love to Squat.

I only used 20 Rep Squats twice as a properly Squatting Adult.

The last time I used them I got either 375 or 385X20

No Wraps; No Super Suit—a rather flimsy training belt that was all I could afford.

Don't like the idea of Wraps or Suits.

Very Pro-Belt.

A Tight Cinched Belt will even help your Wrist Curls.

The only thing that I don't use a belt on is Mid-Section work: Sit-Ups, Hyper-Extensions, Deadlift, Clean and Jerk. Etc.

Can't get down, nor breath properly, with an Exercise that involves bending over when wearing a belt...

(I don't remember. My old Notebook is around somewhere, but misplaced.

I resented the Gym Rule that All Squats must be done with Collars.

I retaliated by refusing to count the weight of the Collars in my total...

And driving my Coach to distraction trying to follow my workout records...

But it makes it harder to remember—was that actual weight, or 10 Pounds more with Collars...?)

I wanted to get 405X20 very badly, but I Plateaued a bit short of my goal.

Anyway, I love Squats.

The feeling of accomplishment when completing a Heavy 20 Rep set of Squats was the Best Thing I ever experienced during my Training Career.

I also loved the way that it was Re-Compositioning my body.

At 6' I went from 270 Pounds to 295 Pounds; my thighs swelled at least a couple inches and Folks swore that I was Losing Weight.

Well, with no one to satisfy but myself, I came to the conclusion...

Why not Specialize in 20 Rep Squats?

I realize that one probably can't make good gains while using the Breathing Squat in every seven week cycle...

But my intention is to work in Breathing Squats—and other Heavy Squats—as often as consistent with good gains...

And to build everything around pushing my 20 Rep Squat to the Highest Poundage Possible.

I'm verbose—But why 20 Rep Squats will never become a Competitive Sport...

Breathing Squats—I take seven or eight breath pauses toward the end—but at what point would it be "Cheating" in a contest?


I firmly believe in Full Squats—Hamstrings Firmly Contacting Calves and No Bouncing.

In a Hypothetical Contest:

Do you disqualify a Great 20 Rep total because One Squat Failed to go below Parallel?

Do you "Horse-Shoe and Hand Grenade" it?

If you do, you know how "Gamesmanship" and "Cutting Every Corner" leads to ridiculous things evevntually.

So you'll have to do your 20 Rep Squats to satisfy your own Inner Judge.

O yeah, Hello Everyone!

Saxon Violence
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