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BendtheBar 04-06-2012 01:14 PM

Exercise Induced Orgasms
Exercise Induced Orgasms

A little Friday levity.

Truth...this article was submitted to me via email, so here it is:


Intriguing new research reveals that exercise-induced orgasms are more common than you might think.

If you left the gym feeling a little too good after that killer abs class, you’re not alone. New (and first-of-its-kind) research from Indiana University suggests that exercise-induced orgasms and exercise-induced sexual pleasure may be more common than you might think.

Researchers gave 530 women an anonymous online survey, and 124 reported experiencing exercise-induced orgasms (almost half of them had 11 or more in their lives!) and 246 said they’ve felt exercise-induced sexual pleasure (meaning they were aroused but didn’t have an actual orgasm).

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for (and the real reason you’re still reading): What’s the magic orgasm-triggering move? All signs point to abdominal exercises, with nearly 52% of the women who experience these fitness orgasms saying they’d had one in connection with ab work in the past 90 days (weight lifting, yoga, bicycling, running and walking/hiking were the other commonly linked exercises).

Bottom line: If you’re one of the lucky women who gets an added perk while working your abs, you’re in good company.

Check out the intriguing full article at Exercise Orgasm -

BigJosh 04-06-2012 01:26 PM

I was showing this to my fiance and her response was "maybe that's why I like the bike so much".:march:

BendtheBar 04-06-2012 01:33 PM

5kgLifter 04-06-2012 04:09 PM

And, now you know how to get women to the gym without fail ;)

Jamesw 04-17-2012 12:30 PM

hmm I think I can incorporate this philosophy with women clients. Better wear my jeans when training them tho. lol

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