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Rich Knapp 01-25-2012 01:45 PM

Body lean style general terms.
Here Are The Muscle Definition Terms With Bullet-points (for easy reference).

1. "Full House"
■ When a Person Has a Lot of Fat & Muscle.
■ One Big Mass - No Separation or Distinction Between Body Parts.
■ Strong, but Not Visually Impressive.
■ Stomach Protrudes a Bit.
■ Think Pro Power Lifter, Wrestler or Football Player.

2. "Hard"
■ Weighs Less than a Full House, but Looks Bigger.
■ A Little Bit of Definition in Best Body Parts.
■ Waist is Smaller and Stomach Doesn't Protrude.
■ Face isn't Fat, But Still Not Defined.
■ Look Good In Clothes, but Still Soft With Shirt Off.

3. "Cut"
■ Part of the Body is Becoming Really Defined.
■ Some Body Parts Blurred By Fat.
■ Look Better With Shirt Off Now.
■ Face Will Become Defined.
■ People Will Consider You in Top Shape.
■ Great from 30 Feet - Not as Much 6 Feet Away.

4. "Defined"
■ Even Definition Over All Body Parts.
■ No Visible Fat on Any Body Part.
If Even One Body Part is Blurred You are "Cut".
■ Look Great In Clothes, But Much More Impressive With Shirt Off.
■ Face Takes On an Angular Look.

5. "Ripped"
■ "Defined" - With Individual Muscle Fibers Showing.
■ All About Dropping Water and a Hard State to Reach.
■ Average in Clothes - Blow People Away With Shirt Off.
■ Face is Really Lean...Too Lean on a Lot of People.
■ Still Display Muscle Definition In a Darker Room.
■ "70% of Bodybuilding Contest Won in this State."

6. "Sliced"
■ Extremely Lean.
■ So Lean "Even Your Dog Will Stare At You."
■ Skinny in Clothes - But Full Transformation With Shirt Off.
■ Cross-Striations and Muscles on Top of Muscles.
■ Can Only Be Held for 24-72 Hours Max.
■ "29% of All Bodybuilding Shows Are Won in this State."

7. "Shredded"
■ Close to Zero Amounts of Water Under the Skin.
■ Almost Seems as if There Isn't Skin Covering the Muscles.
■ Can Only Be Held for a Matter of Hours.
■ A "Shredded" Person Makes a "Cut" Person Look Like a "Full-House".
■ "Shredded Bodybuilders Look Like Rakes in Clothes. When They Take Their Clothes Off at a Weigh-in, However, All the Other Bodybuilders Get the Immediate Urge to Go Home."

MC 01-26-2012 08:50 AM

Nice list Rich.Would it be possible to add a picture or two to each description?

Rich Knapp 01-26-2012 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by *MC* (Post 211116)
Nice list Rich.Would it be possible to add a picture or two to each description?

I'll work on editing one in. Give me a few days to make sure they are accurate ones. 1 and 2 are going to be hard to find a shirt off pic.

Rich Knapp 01-26-2012 11:03 AM

Edited some pics in. The best I could do right now. I tried to use pics that forum members can relate to.
People underestimate the body fat of others and tag them as ripped or cut names to in there mind subconsciously making them feel better about there conditioning.

Rich Knapp 01-29-2012 09:48 AM

Another example of #7. "Shredded"

BravenFenix 09-25-2013 06:03 AM

This was well done!

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