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5kgLifter 11-13-2011 08:50 AM

Complete Olympic Lifting DVD
Trying to work out if this is a suitable place to place information on/about DVDs.

The Complete Olympic Lifting DVD , which is only available to purchase online, is a short DVD, approximately 30+ minutes and not necessarily considered cheap for the considerably short length of viewing time it gives; , I'd rather a DVD get to the point, however, and not go on and on and thereby necessitate that I sit there for hours just to glean a few relevant points from it, and in that sense, the DVD does deliver.

It is to the point and every point is succinctly covered.

Exercises covered in the DVD are:

The DVD covers each topic using progressive techniques and I have to say that after watching it just once, I was happy to try the snatch and felt very comfortable with form. Though I debated about whether or not to get the DVD, for several months, I'm glad I did. Not only will it be helpful for the exercises mentioned but the "progressive" exercise patterns, leading up to the final move, can also be used in their own right.

A bit more of a breakdown on the content (from: ) :
The Clean

6 easy movement progressions that will have athletes performing perfect reps every single time
2 critical lifts every athlete must master before attempting to perform the clean
A simple technique for getting a vice-like grip on the bar
4 clean variations that add variety and improve skill
The jealously guarded secret to getting triple extension
The 3 magic words to say that will get the elbows up into the ideal position with every explosive rep
Why almost everyone has difficulty learning the clean….and how to avoid it
How to quickly and easily transition from the pull to the catch
How to avoid the 2 biggest factors contributing to bad form
And much, much more…

The Snatch

7 critical movements required to execute the snatch with perfection
The secret to minimizing use of the arms to move the weight
How to use foot position to lift heavier weights
The 3 most common errors athletes must eliminate to get maximal results
The correct way to transition the bar overhead
2 foundation lifts that hold the key to mastering the snatch
5 new snatch variations proven to develop peak power
2 easy dumbbell variations perfect to use with athletes not ready for the barbell
How to grip the bar without injuring athletes’ wrists
And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

The Jerk

4 instructional movements athletes must perfect before advancing
Why foot position is the most important element of any jerking movements
The 6 proven jerk movements used by top athletes and competitors
How to use dumbbells to further perfect form and timing
Why almost no one is using jerking movements correctly
And much, much more…

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