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Default Abs/core: Pitch Fork Lift

came across this a couple of days ago and since people are enjoying their abs exercises, I figured you might not have heard of this one yet:

5. Pitch Fork Lift

Most of you have probably never done this lift before. The Pitch Fork Lift (sometimes called the Shovel Lift) comes from Steve Justa, author of Rock, Iron, Steel, and is true functional training. It works the obliques as hard as any other movement I've ever come across.

If you've been having trouble with falling forward in the squat or haven't been able to properly push out against your belt when squatting or deadlifting, this movement will push your personal records to new heights.

The Setup

This one's easy to set up and perform. Load one end of an Olympic bar. Now, grab the unloaded end with one hand and place the other hand at about the midpoint of the bar.

Bend the knees and sideways at the hip and lift the loaded end of the bar, just as you would when shoveling dirt. You can make the movement much harder by then turning a bit to the side, as if "dumping" the dirt out of the shovel.

Return to the starting point and repeat. It will help if you lockout your arm farthest from the loaded end and "press" it down, levering the weight up.

Keep the reps under 6, and go for 3 to 5 sets

Source: T NATION | 7 Ab Exercises That Actually Work
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