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General Fitness & Health Discuss general fitness. conditioning and health topics.

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Default Benefits of, and learning the Power Clean

Some good pointers to keep in mind when learning how to clean with proper form, theres more info and a list of common misstakes in the pdf, good reading!

Benefits of the Power Clean
* Multi-Joint
* Multi-Planar
* Ground-Based
* Intra & Inter-muscular
* Coordination
* High Rate of Force
* Development (Explosive)
* Utilizes “Triple Extension” at the ankle, knee and hip
Limitations & Problems with the Power Clean
* Technique Dependant
* Facility Limitations
* More time-efficient alternatives for developing power?
- Plyometrics
- Accommodating Resistance
* Safety Issues
- Risk of Injury?
Teaching Progression
* Learn to hold the bar on chest
* Learn to Front Squat
* Stance – “Ready Position”
* Start – “Set Position”
* Triple Extension
* Shrug Pull
* Proper Catch Phase
* Finish
Why Learn to Clean from the Hang Position?
* Technique flaws can be created or magnified when pulling from the floor
* Starting the teaching progression from the hang position eliminates momentum
* No need for bumper plates or blocks to achieve the correct starting height (which can make the beginning weight too heavy)
Learn to Hold the Bar in the Catch/Front Squat Position
* “Let go” of the bar – you want it to rest on the front head of your deltoid without gripping it
* Drive elbows up and in towards one another
Learn to Front Squat
* Make sure to master the “wall squat” progression before trying this!
* Eyes up, head back
* Keep your weight on your heels
* Fill your belly (not chest) with air
* Sit back
* Keep elbows high and tight!
* Maintain arch in your back
Heres the reference as pdf for download - http://www.essentialsoflongsnapping....ogressions.pdf
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