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Old 02-17-2011, 10:16 AM   #11
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I'm learning that fat loss is mainly diet...I've actually been playing with my macros alot to see what works best for me. When I was going with very low carbs (atleast 50 grams) and having one High day, I was losing fat fast but looking just skinny and my muscles weren't full..Nowadays I've been adding in some Mod Carb (100 grams) days and can tell the difference in fat loss and muscle conditioning..the body is a crazy thing!
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Originally Posted by dmaipa View Post
.the body is a crazy thing!
^ True, that is. Small changes and tweaks can make huge differences.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I think I say this phrase at least 10 times a day:

Fat loss is primarily about diet.

Unless, of course, you have the time to workout 3+ hours a day.

I run into so many people looking for a miracle workout who never think about what they are eating...or who don't want to change what they are eating much.
My point of this post is to get persons to "THINK". There is always an answer if you look hard enough.

"Tissue loss" is primarily diet, I agree of course. However, even with some that KNOW this to be true, this "truth" isn't (IMO) what kills their goal for them.

Its the "side effects of the calorie deficit required". And, in some cases, the "side effects of the calorie deficit and manipulation of the macro nutrients". (such as manipulating carbohydrates with adjoined calorie deficit)

In the ones that do not know, a lot of persons that begin wanting a personal goal, do not know where to begin, and are prone to scams and marketing schemes because of lack of educational in what they are pursuing.

In addition, some have there head filter turned off, with--a wealth of information right at their finger tips. Further, some do not take the time to search for knowledge that is no easier than moving the little fingers attached to their hands.

Additionally, some do not want to do the work involved (research, study, etc, etc), because its too much work for them.

If one can not afford to hire a personal trainer (that is worth his/her weight in gold to do the numerical data for them), then one has to become their own personal trainer--through hard work in several key areas related to their personal goals.

Easy and miraculous gimmicks sell products to people. Sweating your ass-off and hard work doesn't.

There is only one miracle cure: Hard work, and applying "enough of you" to get what you personally want accomplished completed. This is where most people fail.

When I first started, I made two distinct decisions: I was going to education myself in what I wanted, and make this a lifestyle change. Of all the decisions I made along the way, these are the two most important.

Without a doubt Diet is important--whether wanting to gain good muscle tissue or unwanted fat tissue.

However, (speaking in terms of deficit dieting to lose unwanted fat tissue, for this example), the associated fitness activity is equally as important in terms of: Reducing the side-effects that calorie deficit can bring. Such as minimizing muscle loss as the body feeds on itself in the face of a calorie deficit (no macro manipulation in this example).

Though in "reality" no fitness activity is required to lose "weight" (notice I used the word weight, not just fat tissue loss). In addition, some people fail to address {adequately} the "other" side effects (besides the one mentioned above), when calorie deficiting to lose unwanted tissue, such as: 1. Hunger pains, 2. low-energy, 3. depression, etc, etc, and 4. Personal weaknesses and habits.

Some will fly by the seat of their pants, without a plan to address these non-exhaustive example of side effects when reducing calories to solicit tissue loss. In addition, some (that are not in the know) will take supplements (when trying to lose fat tissue), such as creatine mono, which will introduce other side effects (such as water retention), and further muddy up their "view" of their personal progress (such as: "I lost 4 pounds this week, but I gained back 3 pounds after taking creatine mono, and I do not know what is happening).

The point I am making here is when a person "learns" what it takes to lose fat tissue, some will not educate themselves in the logistics to address the side effects as it pertains to their personality.

For example: If you reduce calories 500 Calories below maintenance, what is happening?

We are forcing the body to "feed on itself for dinner" and it doesnt like that much. And its going to tell you all about it with a bunch of bodily bitching.

One of the main side effects are: Hunger. So how do we deal with this?

In order to help control the cravings, you need to understand why you have them (just basic generality, we are not scientists here after all) and get-over-it through proactive self-participation (IMO).

Why one can have cravings when deficit dieting:

1. The body is deficient in energy (calories) and has to look to itself for a source of energy (be it muscle and/or fat source). The body is literally feeding on itself to provide vitality in response to a energy shortage and is trying to meet the outside/inside demands placed upon it.

2. Sometimes unstable blood sugar levels can cause intense hunger cravings. The more stable the human blood sugar the more "stable" your hunger cravings will be. Sharp increases and declines in blood sugar levels can give one intense hunger pains that can be difficult to overcome. Emotional eating is another problem (but this is another write).

The way you can combat this problem, is through understanding various food items and the big three macronutrients: Carbs, Protein, and Fats, and how they "can effect" one's blood sugar levels. And, knowing WHEN its appropriate to have an increase in blood sugar levels and when its not.

3. Lets add 1 and 2 together. If the body is deficient in energy levels and being forced to locate fuel from itself (deficit in calories)--and--the blood sugar levels are sharply increasing and declining (at times), "this is a most deadly combination to cause intense hunger cravings".

4. Even if you level blood sugar (through what you eat within your diet and calorie manipulations), one will still be left with the body being deficient in energy, and will be calling on you to eat; however, its the lessor of the two, IMO, and is the place one wants to be at most of the time when deficite dieting to lose fat tissue, as it is truely easier to deal with.

On-going and continued education in:

1. Information on various techniques to combat cravings.

Read, read, and read some more. Absorb it and apply it. When you read an article on certain techniques to handle food cravings, and it appears it may not fit within your life style, is their a way you can:

A. Modify, change, or manipulate the idea or concept in some fashion to work with your personality and within your current lifestyle?


B. Manipulate lite fitness training to your goal advantage?

Sometimes just keeping the mind occupied on something else for a small duration of time can be enough to combat the current food craving and reduce it to toleratable levels; however, this can require a certain amount of self discipline (along with manipulating your foods to your advantage) in order to be successful.

You could jump on a bike for very lite cardio session (a few minutes), and consume a no-calorie or very low calorie beverage to fill the stomach and get the blood pumped. Take a walk. Play a video game you like, and on and on with the potential possibilities.

Look within your environment and see things others cant see--that will assist you toward your goal path.

Develop clear stategies to deal with weaknesses. Allow your strengths to improve your weaknesses. And, you can use FOOD to assist your weakness by using your strength of being proactive.

Some proactive anti-food craving tactics:

When you view these brief guidelines, I would like you to keep an open mind and think about ways you can manipulate these guidelines to fit within the circumference of your personal life style. In other words, you can take some or all of the guidelines and modify/change them to a degree that is more applicable or suitable to your individual environment.

A. Change your frame of mind when going to the grocery store:

--->1. Hunger Defense Perception One:

Look for food items that are bulky (that will fill a large portion of the stomach capacity) and carry the nutritional quality that fits within the macronutrient value you seek (all macronutrients), that fit within your life style for:

A. Home.
B. Work.
C. School.

Educate yourself on various types of foods that take long periods (or a longer period, if you will) to digest than others. that fits in the health and nutrition scope you personally seek. Investigate the "reasons" why this is case, though investigating the nutrients in these types of food. For example, "fiber rich" foods can take longer to digest and give a sense of being full.

Add fiber in the diet.

(If you want I can provide a list of suggestions)

--->2. Hunger Defense Perception Two:

Specific shelf and refrigerator items specifically purchased to assist one's self during the times when food cravings are a problem. These are bulking items that are low in calorie content BUT carry a nutritional punch in accordance to its caloric value.

1. When hunger is a problem its important to know where you are at in your diet in the calorie equation, in order to "effectively" use one of your proactive and goal-keeping food purchases for:

A. Home.
B. Work.
C. School

(If you want I can provide a list of suggestions)

IMO, some wanting to lose tissue do not "want it enough" to think along these terms I breifly mentioned--to make it "personaly fit for them"

Best wishes to all of you,

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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