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Originally Posted by Greg B. View Post
I've been dealing with a Slap tear in my right shoulder for a number of years and had quite the imbalance in symmetry as well from it affecting my bench press as well. I ended up treating with ibuprofen and rest and it seemed to resolve on its own. But lately, I've had the pain return and now my coach has me doing strictly dumbell presses and nothing at all with bb's for chest. Seems to be helping as far as the pain is concerned and hopefully with symmetry.

Not only will Ibuprofen STOP the first stage if healing (natural inflammation), but it does nothing with the CAUSE.

Why did the biceps tendon rip out the labrum? (SLAP)
The tendon is attached superiorly (top side) of the humeral head, when impinged (common problem), the humerus is elevated on the socket, straining the bicep tendon, supraspinatus, AC bursa and even the int/ext rotators.

My point: establish stabilization to relieve the CAUSE is this issue. The humeral head needs to stay centrated in the socket during movement, and it does not when the stabilizers are too weak (or sometimes inhibited).

Dysfunctional movement of the scapula is also common (inability to posteriorly rotate and abuduct) and this WILL cause impingement and frozen shoulders, as it forces the humeral head into end range of flexion (because the scapula will rotate opposite of the humerus and not the same direction)

Common exercises that helps:
Internal rotations
External rotations
Abductions to 30-45 degrees (easy lateral raises)
Scapular push ups
Low trap work

Best recovery mate.

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