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CoopDawg 11-18-2013 10:10 PM

Amfpt certified
I have had alot going on, between jobs, Basicaly my route(the business i was buying) it was setup for failure long before i got on it, i got off of it before it ran me into the ground, the guy calling the shots before i started lost most of his stores and nobody told me that before i jumped in, well there was a loca gym hiring a personal trainer , i dont pay them and they dont pay me im payed by my customers and its looking like ill have as many clients a week as i can handle, long story short i took the course and had to write essays and all kinds of questions, i passed with flying colors and got my certificate, now im ordering all my ISSA information, i want to take this as far as i can, im going to setup this the best i possibly can, had my final interview with the job today and im supposed to get my call tomorrow to meet with an experienced trainer in another city, im gonna overshadow him for sometime to get a feel for the business then, ill be jumping right into it, being in the gym all day as ct fletcher would say ill have plenty time for myself to get YOKEDDDD! hope to be able to touch peoples lives with their training aswell as learn more and more myself! long winded and terrible grammar and run on sentences but wanted to update everyone, ill have my own office so always time to log workouts

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