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OMS 11-09-2013 06:21 PM

Shoulder problems..have I fixed it?
Since about 3 months ago when I started ramping up my intensity on bench press I began noticing a problem I've never had before, namely during my work sets my left shoulder felt slightly weaker and could not keep the bar even on the ascent. It got worse as my strength went up until it was bothering me sometimes when I slept.

So after doing some research and trying a few different things that didnt help it any at all I came across a simple exercise that I believe is called rotator cuff rotations. I started doing these before and post workout for the last 2 weeks and today for the first time the weakness was almost completely gone when I benched. I had also noticed the last few days it was not bothering me during sleep much at all.

I was extremely surprised this worked so well and so quickly, but its got me wondering if this is something (rotator cuff) thats going to be a continuing issue as I progress to ever heavier weights on bench press? Are any of you guys dealing with similar shoulder issues, how are you mitigating them?

BendtheBar 11-09-2013 09:15 PM

I developed shoulder issues from using bad bench press form over the years. The best thing I did was learn how to bench properly before it was too late.

You hear a lot of stories from 40 year old bodybuilders who claim their shoulders are shot. A major reason is because most sources have no idea what it is, nor how to protect the shoulders.

I can't stress to beginners enough to learn, learn and learn more about bench form.

OMS 11-09-2013 09:55 PM

Thanks for the reply. When I did bodybuilding from 17-31 I never flat benched, only incline, dips, and isolation chest exercises, i did do a lot of btn presses too. I am certain my form back then was probably awful, but luckily i stuck to moderate weights and generally worked for a pump, never caring for crazy strength gains.

This rotator cuff work im doing seems to be fixing the problem. I'm fairly confident my bench press form is not perfect but decent and im definately still working on improving it, if this problem comes back i will post a video of me benching heavy and try to get some insights on what i may still be doing wrong.

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