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Chillen 06-13-2013 12:46 PM

Choices and Who is writing this book any way?
Lock a person in a room without elective choices, where they receive nothing but the dietary contents related to their goal, and what outcome related to this goal do you get?

>Very interesting life we live. Where Excuses and Choices seemingly get grayed. Nothing is impossible if you look at the broken pieces correctly. If you look at the broken pieces as failure you already have. If you look at those broken pieces as an opportunity to create something from a puzzle, you have already won.

This can be applied to life, applied between friends, and to training and diet.

The problem is that we are locked in a room filled with choices, and sometimes one imprisons and enslaves themselves to the context of these choices, and think being locked in a prison without choices is worse.

>Sometimes we lock ourselves in our prison with bars, and do not know it.



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SaxonViolence 06-13-2013 06:13 PM

I used to belong to a Science Book Club and ordered a book on snakes for a friend, so she could give it to her son on his birthday.

I read it before giving it to her.

According to the book, snakes have a Comfort Zone.

Get them too hot, they'll try to cool down. Get them too cool and they'll sunbathe—or something.

Now here is the thing:

Take a snake and keep him in his Comfort Zone continually—never too hot, and never too cool...

And according to the book, he'll die after about six months.

Apparently, being in less than ideal circumstances Occasionally at least, is necessary to their continued well-being.

I will never be in danger of dying due to too little aggravation.

I doubt that anything as simple and purely linear happens to people...

But I bet your Dude in the locked room would not be healthy after awhile...

Regardless of how healthy he ate, or how consistently he exercised.

Saxon Violence

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