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Default Teens, Time & Summer Vacation Training

I apologize before hand if this is long winded.

Angela and I (LdyDrgn) have 2 teenage boys (13 & 16). They both want to start weight training training this summer vacation and we want to accomodate them.

We have been dialing their diet and have been teaching them the nutrition aspect over the last year. They are both healthy and at about 10-15% BF. They want to gain some healthy weight and get stronger. The oldest has alway been skinny dur to his ADHD/OCD meds and the youngest was heavier like his parents before we changed our lifestyle and has shed about 15lbs of fat from diet alone.

We are trying to figure out the most effective way to get them stringer and add some mass this summer and hoping it continues past that through their life. It is easy to say just do x or y this many times a week, but real life, jobs, school, transportation, Gym Rules, time and our own training all have to be weighed in to the equation.

We don't have time to do our morning workouts and coach the boys 2-3 times a week. We need to schedule around the oldest boys summer school and band commitments during the day. We are trying to streamline all 4 of us effectively in about 1.5 hours or so at 6 am. Am I trying to do the impossible?

My thoughts are a modified SL 3 days a week with maybe less squats and sets that we can all do. Instead of 5 working sets, maybe 2 or 3. progress them slowly. They are boys and want to get under a bar. It will be hard to keep them into it if we have them do a couple bodyweight exercises etc.

From experience or not, what is ya'lls thoughts on this subject? When I was a teen I remember the excitement I had when I started to see gains from getting under a bar.
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a few people train their kids here.....
off the top of my head OR and Steve do
have a read through their logs for some ideas and such... some fantastic and thoughtful approach in these....
here are some to get you started,
Training Log

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This is a subject near and dear to me as I've helped my [now 12 yr old] son prepare for football over the last year and a half or so. It has been an amazing experience for both of us.

My biggest words of advice are to "MAKE THEM EARN THE BARBELL."

What do I mean by that? Simple, set some standard hoops that they should jump through in order to prove they are ready for weight lifting. For example, I had my son start off with Body Squats (no weight) to teach him proper form, build some work capacity and gain some strength. He had to be able to do 50 Body Squats in order to progress to the next level. After the Body Squats came Goblet Squats. Goblet Squats are great to really start driving home the form of squatting and build up that all important core strength and balance. Once he was doing 12+ reps with an 80lb dumbbell, we started introducing the empty bar. Once he's able to complete 12+ reps with a weight, then we increase it slightly. Simple progression.

We did the same thing with the Bench Press. We started with Bar Push-Ups, which are Push-Ups done against a barbell that is sitting on the pins of the power rack. After he has achieved 30 solid reps at a certain height, we then lower the bar down another notch. When he was able to do 30 solid reps with the bar all the way at ground level, we then introduced the Bench Press with a 25lb exercise bar. We use the same progression of 12+ reps before we increase the weight.

Squat and Bench are the only two barbell lifts he really does currently, but what else does he really need at such a beginner level. We round out his training with a ton of bodyweight movements like sit-ups, chin-ups, split squats, lunges, push-ups, fat-mans, back raises, Prowler pushes, sled pulls, med ball work, sprints, agility work and a host of other stuff. I change it up to keep it fun and challenging.

Scheduling can be tough but I made my own sacrifices to this end. His Squat Day is my Squat Day. I go out and complete my Squat workout and when I'm done I call him out for his Squat workout. After his Squats are over we do all his accessory or assistance stuff together. So we might do back raises together or I might do SLDL while helping him with his back raises. We may then challenge eachother to a Inverted Row contest and finish off with some Dumbbell Rows. I actually find that getting back to some basic bodyweight work has helped me a lot, so I enjoy doing them with him. Afterwards we go push the Prowler together for a finisher. Yes, there are other things I could be doing for myself, but seriously I get an awesome workout doing his stuff with him and it's an absolute blast working out together. It keeps us both motivated and having a lot of fun together, and what can be better than that. I'd trade a 500lb squat for the time spent with my son any day of the week.
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