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5kgLifter 07-22-2012 03:10 PM

Outer hip muscles
One way Ohno develops power in his legs is through stair workouts. Many athletes run stairs as a part of conditioning. What are unique about Ohno’s stair workouts are the directional changes he uses along with the mix of individual hops and double leg jumps.

His program includes sets of sideways individual leg hops with graduated sequential height jumps of one step, three steps, and five steps. Once the individual leg hops are completed for both legs, he then completes double leg hops for a total of 14 sets.

The unique design in his stair workout is in the graduated height jumps and in the single leg sideways hops. Most athletes run up stairs alternating legs while facing the stairs. Ohno performs multiple single leg hops sideways. The purpose of these power jumps is to specifically target his outside hip muscles. With these unique jumps, Ohno can develop agility and power in his outer hip muscles that most exercises would not be able to target.

Apolo Ohno's Unique Workouts Train Him for Speed and Power

For those able to do them, you may enjoy the above exercise.

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