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General Fitness & Health Discuss general fitness. conditioning and health topics.

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Default Elbow pain

A couple months back, my bench went to hell. It started with my left elbow giving out even at 185 pounds and dropping down. I worked and worked with my technique, but it wasn't being fixed. Then somewhere around that time I believe I messed it up more by doing skullcrushers. Felt some pain, and still moved up the weight because I'm young and dumb. It hurt even more so I stopped the exercise...

Then I got to where even 135 pounds on the bench would hurt my left elbow. I talked to a physical therapist and he thought I might have tendonitis so he gave me some stretches to do that he believed would help. Maybe the have a little bit. I can bench 135 pain free. I even got to where my benching is easier(improved technique thanks to EliteFTS videos), yet my elbow was still giving way. I can military press pain free. I can clean pain free. Shoot, I can do anything pain free except any type of horizontal pressing. Dips, bench press, and any single joint tricep movement still hurts even after taking three weeks off of horizontal pressing.

Sometimes, like right now, my elbow hurts. I know, it sounds like I'm being a bitch about it. Maybe I am. I just don't want to mess up my elbow even worse. I'm a pianist- I kind of need healthy elbows. Any help? I'd like to be able to bench press more than 135 again.
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