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BendtheBar 06-01-2012 11:34 AM

Best Exercise for Six Pack Abs
An old (girl) friend from high school sent me this question via Facebook:


Originally Posted by Random Girl Name
Dear Steve,

What is the best exercise to craft an amazing stomach from a beer drinking stomach in 30-days--I'm on a mission!

Random Girl Name

My response:


Originally Posted by Fat Powerlifter
Hi Random Girl Name,

The best exercise is diet. And probably the diet plan that works the best for rapid fat/weight loss is a low carb diet with a controlled amount of calories. I would eat about 1500 to 1700 calories per day, mostly proteins and healthy fats, along with fruits and veggies (no peas, corn, legumes, peanuts, grains, white sugar, white flour, pasta).

Here is an article that can give you a quick overview. Let me know if interested and have questions.


Her response:


I'm already on a diet that I like.

I want something that is going to give me a girl equivalent of a 6-pack...or at least the start of it! I'm just going to have to order P90x; I borrowed someone's DVD and did one workout--it was awesome. I love how it makes me feel muscle fibers that I didn't even know were there previously!

Have a great day!

~Random Girl Name
So she just asked my advice, ignored it, and ordered P90X.

I fail at life.

If you're diet's not working...

Fazc 06-01-2012 11:39 AM

Dear Steve,

I have some stupid fkin idea about fitness. I know that you know a little about fitness so can you confirm my stupid fkin idea please? That way I can go about my merry way knowing that my idea which was stupid from the start, that I formed without any prior knowledge, that I plucked from the air without any background reading was correct and ergo I know as much as you do about it.


5kgLifter 06-01-2012 11:41 AM

30 days? People always want miracles. It does depend on how low her bodyfat is though, if she's already slim then exercise would probably bring out some definition quite well.

bruteforce 06-01-2012 11:45 AM

Fat guys like me drop 30 pounds in a month, then all the skinny kids think they could do it to. Kids, get to 300 pounds or more, then try. Otherwise, it doesn't work.

IronWill 06-01-2012 12:09 PM

Best exercise for six-pack abs? The keg carry.

Chillen 06-01-2012 12:09 PM

Best exercise for a defined core:

Discipline and education of thy mouth and movement.

SeventySeven 06-01-2012 12:15 PM

i could get her a six pack in 15 day on my p180xxxxzty1000 program...youre such a noob Steve,

_J_ 06-01-2012 03:18 PM

Girl: Please confirm my preconceived notion that there is an exercise that will make my stomach go from flab to ab in 30 days.

BTB: No. Change your diet. <insert diet instructions>

Girl: I'm already on a diet that I like, even though it is not achieving my desired results. So, I guess I have to change my workout routine.

BTB: <facepalm> <loses faith in humanity's ability to use basic logic>

People amaze me. Want your stomach to go from flab to ab in 30 days? Get surgery.

Trevor Lane 06-01-2012 03:40 PM

This is exactly why I don't give women advice, they already know it all.

Also, the best exercise for abs is some core flexes man! You just feel the burn in your core and stuff.

BendtheBar 06-01-2012 09:14 PM

I can tell you this, if I had a miracle 30 day stomach flattening plan, I would be retired by now.

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