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Default The Ant and the Bee, and Choices.

I love Philosophy, it can teach you many, many, things. One thing it can do, is change the way you observe things.

You see, fellow Mabers, the power and fight is within you all. You don't have to be big or small to have this.

What can we learn from the ANT:

the ant

The ant has been famous in all ages for its social habits, foresight, economy and industry. Collecting their food at the proper seasons, they bite off the ends of the grain to prevent it from germinating, and lay it up in cells till needed.

An ant can carry 3 to 4 times its physical weight and is still moving forward.

No matter the weight of your troubles and the persistence of time, you have it in you to carry the burden and move forward and make the decision of the progressive resistance of time.

What can we learn from the Japanese Honeybee:

Japanese honeybees can kill wasps that invade their colonies by swarming them and beating their wings to generate heat, effectively cooking the wasps to death. (You MUST be a TEAM: Body and Mind to effectively create the body you desire.), what else is in this statement, PEOPLE!

You must colonize your thoughts on your goals, you must mentally swarm your thoughts with undying heat to beat down your personal weaknesses to protect your future self (or home)..........Bees can teach us a lot.
================================================== ======
Stay focused everyone, be a bad @ss, ROCK ON WITH YOUR GOALS! Dont get weak: dream it, imagine it, think it, shape it, and make the body and mind a team to produce the results you seek!...........ROCK ON!

If you cannot stay on track with your diet--consistently enough--then quite frankly and truthfully, you dont want your goal bad enough--bottom line--you prefer the alternative satisfaction invested. You have a decision to make: stay inconstant in diet and thus receive the same results of inconsistency; stay inconsistent in mind you get the same investment in return, this will never change. You can cry, you can get mad, you can bang your head in anger, and when your done, and the smoke clears, the truth never changed. I harp on the mind because, in truth, the games you play in your head determine everything in outward action. You can whine all day; this will not change what IT takes, your gonna have to want it, and want it bad enough to make the sacrifices REQUIRED. When you reach for a food item, (and its not the right time), ask yourself what you want more--this will determine consistency of resolve, and play a significant force in your success.


One of the issues that makes our journey difficult is that we have.....Choices.

If you look back in history (and even learn things from bad history), one of the things we learn, is that when a person is faced with no choice, the body adapts and submits over time (and we can apply this for a lesson for diet and training).

Bottom line is they were FORCED to do what they had to do, and had no choice: The Complication of...Choice, was removed, and once this is removed or held in containment, the battle differs, by a great deal.

YOU know when your making a bad choice in reference to your goals even armed with knowledge of the goal, so knowledge IS NOT everything. Its the correct mental domination, making the correct sustained choices, and learning what motivates and inspires you to be consistent in those choices, and having a plan in place to deal with mental weaknesses couple with the knowledge of the goal you seek. We deal with the POWER OF CHOICE everyday.

WE can chose to apply our knowledge of our goals and eat accordingly and things would be fantastic. But, we KNOW its not THIS EASY, now do we?! Knowledge of the goal you seek should be pursued, but IT WILL NOT BE ENOUGH.

You must learn WHO YOU ARE in conjunction with the goal you seek to be successful. Its my opinion, you sympathize yourself, you sympathize your goal---but if you have a structured plan tailored to KNOWING yourself, feeling sorry for yourself will not exist, because you have already put things in place to eliminate this complication from existing in the first place---Chillen

Love yourselves, get what you want.....

Best regards,

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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