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Rich Knapp 03-16-2012 12:22 PM

Whats Your Thoughts
2 weeks ago I was at Gold's ( I remember like it was yesterday it impressed me so much) I had a young kid barly 100#'s
about 5'10", mid 20's, totaly healthy in every way, come up to me and tells me "I'm a bodybuilder also"

I didn't blow him off or tell him he wasn't. Heres the Q? I asked him

Q: Cool, what shows have you done?
A: Oh I haven't.

Q: Looking at one as a goal?
A: Never, I don't even want to be as big as you.

Q: I'm just cerease then, why do you call yourself a bodybuilder?
A: I lift weights.

Q: When you were in school what did they call the people that lifted weights?
A: Weight lifters

Q: Whats your favorite exercise?
A: That thing (as he points to a Chest Press machine)

Q: How much you do for reps of 10?
A: Oh, I just go untill my arms hurt.

So I went on to be nice and talk with him, he didn't talk any bodybuilding or anything related. (This I don't remember the conversation because for me yes it was in one side out the other after that comment.)

My last Q

Q: So what made you deside to come and talk with me?
A: Just wanted to let you know you were not the only bodybuilder down here.

This kid was serease as a heart attach.

This kid justified calling himself a bodybuilder? I personaly wouldn't call him one.

Rich Knapp 03-16-2012 01:09 PM

Don't get me wrong. I love the sport its my ONLY job, but what does that tell younger kid interested in the sport just starting out, tell them when he calls himself a bodybuilder?

This will be my last thread on the subject. ;)

Swole Manlet 03-16-2012 01:32 PM

I would not call it a body builder. I would say he just lifts weights. there is a complete difference.

BendtheBar 03-16-2012 02:25 PM

This gave me a good laugh:


Q: Whats your favorite exercise?
A: That thing

bruteforce 03-16-2012 02:29 PM

I totally feel your pain Rich, but in a different arena. I have people tell me that they are computer programmers because they edited some HTML on their face-space page. As a software engineer who designs enterprise level systems and an Oracle OCP certified Database Administrator, I want to look at them and ask "Do you even type?"

Also, the chest press comment is priceless.

Chillen 03-16-2012 03:53 PM

The way in which a person wraps their brain around the definition of certain titles, such as "Bodybuilder" and applies context, can a make a distinct difference in what they view.

For example:

In the biological, physiological, and in medical terms, any one person whom partakes in a form of fitness and is consistent to the point of obtaining progress and/or meeting goals, are bodybuilders. It doesn't matter whether another human being wants to tag or classify it as: A Power Lifter, A Body Builder, A Weight Lifter, A Marathon Athlete, A Triathlon Athlete, A Gymnast, A body weight only person, Football player, Basketball player, A Recreational Lifter, medical necessity to improve health, etc, or what have you.

In each case exampled, "the body is in fact building/rebuilding" due to the progressive stresses applied.

The difference in these brief examples are in the "methods applied" (and applied focus) to earn their personal goals, but ALL are building and rebuilding the body to bring about certain bodily improvements--be it strength/muscle improvements, or cardiovascular conditioning improvements.

There is no competitive stage required here with the exception of personally applied competitive goals, and personally applied aspirations to compete with and against other people other than their self. It doesn't matter which they choose, as they are equally important to the individual person.

Continuing with the example above, there are many persons in this world, who have the desire to only battle the beasts of the self, are extremely meticulous in their diet and training, are very consistent, and never set a foot on stage in a competitive event. The only desire is to set their own personal stage (and in some cases even rival the ones whom partake, and the people they associate with, and/or come in contact with). Classifications just through common sense, have to be applied in competing events because of the variables involved in the "type of competition", but this doesn't declassify a person with "like" goals whom do not compete--they are all EQUALLY IMPORTANT on the personal level, with the variable differences stemming from the degree of serious, will, want, and desire, to achieve what they want.

Its pretty simple, really. Not as difficult as some may make it.


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