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BendtheBar 02-20-2012 10:17 AM

Exercise Fail
Exercise Fail, for fun and pleasure...

BendtheBar 02-20-2012 10:18 AM

BendtheBar 02-20-2012 10:19 AM

glwanabe 02-20-2012 10:21 AM

I talk about these people in the butter thread.

BendtheBar 02-20-2012 10:22 AM

BendtheBar 02-20-2012 10:24 AM

Disciple X 02-20-2012 10:29 AM

Most awesome thread i've seen lately. Lol. I lauhed so hard at the treadmill fails...

BendtheBar 02-20-2012 10:48 AM

Thank chick in the pink shorts rolling around...I nearly had a coronary.

BigJosh 02-20-2012 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 218213)

Most of these people had it coming. Really, it takes a special kind of stupid to think jumping on a moving treadmill is a good idea.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 218217)

I liked the way he picked himself up towards the bar (as to set up and tighten up his shoulder blades) yet doesn't tighten up his back at all. Must have seen someone else in the gym doing it but missed the real point.

BendtheBar 02-20-2012 10:52 AM

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