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General Board You can talk about anything here. Life, sports, rants, whatever.

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Default You are SOOOO annoying

Women speak: 9 annoying things that men do...

1. Men Turn Off Their Brains!

Advice For Men:
Think about when you do this. Does you partner need some attention? Could you do this another time? Have you explained whatís happening to your partner?

Advice For Women:
Accept that this is what happens, donít try to change it. Talk to your partner about it and explain that at times you need attention and perhaps he could find another time to Ďgo nowhereí.
2. Men Are So Bound Up In Their Ego!

Advice For Men:
Is this really necessary for you? It is important to choose your battles and not let life be one great battle, with yourself or others. Let go of your ego and let life flow.

Advice For Women:
Donít challenge your man in this situation, it only makes it worse. Donít make him feel foolish or he will never get it. The answer is to give him a way out that means he doesnít lose face. Give him the solution without him realising you are.
3. Men are selfish and detached!

Advice For Men:
Be aware that you are doing this. When your partner accuses you of being distant accept that it may be true. Find time every day to bring yourself back to her and connect with her emotionally. let your work for a time.

Advice For Women:
Donít take this personally, itís not about you. In fact you need to celebrate that your man is focused and on his path. Draw him back gently, give him a reward for coming back to you emotionally.
4. Men Snore!

Advice For Men:
Donít just accept it, go to a doctor and get it seen to. The difference for me was transformational. I thoroughly recommend it.

Advice For Women:
Donít accept it or get annoyed by it. If he seems to stop breathing he has a medical problem, encourage him to go and see the doctor. It can be solved.
5. Men Read On The Toilet!

Advice For Men:
Donít believe that this is a problem. Enjoy yourself but make sure your partner doesnít need to urgently go while you are spending hours in there.

Advice For Women:
Accept that this is what happens. You know heís going to be hours so know that you may have to negotiate getting in first. Thatís OK, he will accept that, he just doesnít think of it first.
6. Men Are So Logical!

Advice For Men:
This is OK, for you. Donít expect others to think logically as well, though. In particular donít expect women to be logical and donít criticise them when they arenít.

Advice For Women:
Donít belittle him because he can only see the logic in a situation. Help him by providing the alternative, intuitive, view without criticising him.
7. Men Are Always Solving Problems!

Advice For Men:
Try not to see all of life this way. Often your partner just wants to talk so that you listen, just listen. She doesnít want her issues solved, theyíre not problems for her. She only wants acknowledgement.

Advice For Women:
Treasure this in your man but also be clear about when you donít want him to do it. Donít expect him to understand if you donít tell him.
8. Men Scratch Their Balls!

Advice For Men:
Be discreet about it. Donít do it publicly. Try to consider the sensibilities of the women you are with. I know theyíre awkward, just get over it.

Advice For Women:
Just be thankful you donít have them hanging around between your legs. Oh, and next time you feel the need to adjust your bra, remember Ďtheyí donít hang between your legs.
9. Men Have Facial Hair!

Advice For Men:
Look at yourself in the mirror before you go out. Do you look good? Look at your partner, how smart is she? Do you set her off, will you make her proud of you? When your clothes become shapeless throw them out.

Advice For Women:
Your manís fashion sense is likely to be out of date and for a man 20 years younger. help him, gently to see what he looks like. Help him to look as good as you.

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annoying, soooo

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