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ONpump17 12-31-2011 09:53 AM

What does Weight X mean to you?
A simple idea I had for a thread. ITT (in this thread) you post a number of pounds or kilo grams that was or is significant to you and why it is so. It could be a max that was important, or a light weight that 'represents the first step in progression' etc. Maybe something involving a story.

BendtheBar 12-31-2011 10:04 AM

My biggest would be...


After my comeback to the iron in 2007 I worked my tail off and really wasn't watching numbers too much. I had never really focused on numbers and number goals as much as progression.

One day I realized I might have a shot at a 500 pound squat. I tried it and hit it.

That was the first time I have ever been excited about a specific number, and started my transition over to more of a strength focused mindset.

Soldier 12-31-2011 01:24 PM

For me a signifigant number will always be 315, or 3pps. I know it's nothing to guys who move seirous iron, but it's a signifigant milestone for people who move weight as a hobby, and most people who even try to be serious in a gym will never move it with good form. I can rep out with it for dead lifts and squats, but it'll take some more time and work to get it on bench.

5kgLifter 12-31-2011 01:35 PM

20kg, because it's the first time, this year, that I managed to jerk it with the left arm and never thought I would be able to do so even though it was easy with the right arm; it just seemed out of reach, for the left arm, but now, it means that the next load up is not necessarily out of reach either.

Lerho 12-31-2011 02:10 PM

600. I want to get to 600kg. Bench 150kg, deep squat 200kg, deadlift 250kg.. Raw, using just belt. That is my dream. And Im pissed that my training partner is already there! :(

LtL 12-31-2011 02:28 PM


The number I squatted raw at my last meet in memory of Jesse Israel, a good guy who sadly passed this year before he could beat me to it.


Pull14 12-31-2011 03:00 PM


A squat I've had my eyes set on for a long time and one I've been inching closer toward every passing day. With a lot of luck, I hope to hit it within a year and a half. "Only" 75lbs to go!

BendtheBar 12-31-2011 03:03 PM


315 strict seated military press. I missed today. I hate missing a lift I thought I would have.

Off Road 12-31-2011 03:20 PM

300 lbs

It's the weight of a standard Olympic barbell set sold at stores. I've always wanted the ability to just walk into a store and put that dude overhead. But since I don't train for it...

Fazc 12-31-2011 03:35 PM


180 kilos was a big goal in the squat for me, so much so that I stood still at 170 for a good couple years.

I can't quite recall what spiked my confidence, but the first time I squatted 180 I doubled it! Imagine that after attempting it for a couple years. Then within just a couple of months I had shot up to 210kg.

Power of the mind eh!

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