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Chillen 09-02-2011 11:37 AM

Labor Day just for Employees/Employers....pfffft!!!
Why are we left out?

Those of us who labor under the bar.

This thread is for us, this labor day weekend.

The Dangerous Convict

(By Chillen)

For a long time, I sat in sorrow
I thought there was no tomorrow.

I am SICK and believe I am to THICK.

Then it CLICKED.
I removed all internal CONFLICT.

I knew I possessed the super-human powers to achieve.
I chose to believe.

I became remarkably TOUGH and I learned I had the STUFF

I became STRICT and a diet and fitness ADDICT

I enclose myself in a jail without BARS, sucked-up all of my battle SCARS

I will not FAIL. I have given myself no BAIL

I have no key to let me OUT. I do not DOUBT

I am the "Dangerous CONVICT"

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