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MikeC 08-16-2011 09:03 AM

Crazy things you see in the gym
What's the craziest thing you've seen in the gym?

While not completely crazy this morning I saw a woman walking backwards on a treadmill doing a circuit of upper body dumbbell exercises using 2 pounds.

BendtheBar 08-16-2011 09:11 AM

A lady doing rotator cuff dumbbell work while balancing on a bosu ball:

Off Road 08-16-2011 09:17 AM

An old guy carrying a big granite tombstone around his yard...oh wait, that was me.

I workout alone, so not too many good stories. It's nice not having to watch a circus every day but the owner is a jerk...oh wait, that's me again.

BendtheBar 08-16-2011 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by Off Road (Post 162090)
An old guy carrying a big granite tombstone around his yard...oh wait, that was me.

That makes me want to man hug you.

MikeC 08-16-2011 09:53 AM

Have to call you the Undertaker.

Fazc 08-16-2011 09:53 AM

I was training at a gym in Edinburgh just before the Millenium festival. There was this skinny little fella on the Leg Press machine. He was making a big show of it legs wide apart making huge screaming noises, grunts, shouting, swearing you know the type, the whole deal.

After a few sets this heavy-set scottish guy walks past him and in a loud booming voice so everyone in the gym can hear shouts;


Fazc 08-16-2011 09:59 AM

Not a gym story but related;

When I was younger I had a good friend of mine, Johnny. He was what you guys across the pond would call a "Jock" he was huge, played Rugby and loved being big strong and drunk. He also loved telling people how much his buddy (me) could lift, particularly fond of telling girls how much I could lift, how strong I am etc etc.

So anyway one night we're at a nightclub and Johnny's had a few drinks, so the conversation went like this:

Johnny (shouting over the music): Hey let me introduce you to this chick
Me: Sure
Bimbo: Hiya!
Johnny: Hey, yeah this is my buddy Faz. He's well hard!
Bimbo: ...


LtL 08-16-2011 09:59 AM


- Massively out of shape people doing endless low intensity cardio
- Everything on a bosu ball
- Trainer upright rowing every bench rep' off his trainee
- Quarter squats with a pussy pad


- 300kg's deadlift
- 230kg's RAW squat
- 75kg's lifter squatting 255kg's for a double
- 70kg's guy flipping 300kg's tire for 4 conseutive rep's
- Strongman cleaning and strict pressing a 50kg's dumbell AFTER clean and press 120kg's barbell
- Same guy repping 160kg's x 10 on bench

BAD are all from my old gym.

GOOD are all from my new gym.


Soldier 08-16-2011 01:05 PM

1. I train before work a few times a week. There's a woman who's there every morning at 6, walking on a treadmill with the angle set all the way up, which would be a great workout if she weren't also holding on to the handles and tilting her body back at the same angle as the treadmill.

I always have to fight the urge to ask her what the hell she is trying to achieve.

2. Two days ago I saw a couple "working out" together. They abviously had no idea what they were doing. The woman was so confused, that she got on the assisted dip/pullup machine, put more than her bodyweight on it, and pushed herself down. She probably wondered how she was so strong, lifting such large weights.

kitarpyar 08-16-2011 01:16 PM

A guy taking a drink between sets of squats. Pretty normal?

Squatting was done with only the bar. The drink was a diet pepsi.

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