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Mr.Silverback 06-27-2011 10:47 PM

Day in my life
Before we get started let me tell you a bit, I am co-owner of a personal training company. We rent out a small gym in a community building which gives us an opportunity to meet a variety of characters. Not mention the number of patrons that wander aimlessly into the gym looking for "guidance" or "get swole" or "lose weight".

A typical day goes like this...

645am: wake up and wander about like a drunk panda bear. Kiss my wife good morning and stagger pass my son; who has been up playing cartoon network video games since 9am two days ago. Peep into my daughter's room and notice that she is the only one in the house still sleep...

745am: load up kids and wife after a morning of antics that the circus would be proud of.

800am: Meet with Client #1, who amazingly seems to be loaded on coffee, red bull, and sugar cookies...a real barn burner because she is ex-military, so essentially I get to try out new workout routines on her and explain to her that I created this one whilst eating my bodyweight in BBQ over the weekend.

845am: First client done with, business partner comes in...apparently he has had the same concoction as Client #1...hmmm

930am:wander into the break room and confiscate 2 packets of oatmeal and a bottle of water....last week the staff's meeting was about missing food...hmmm they may be on to me.

945am: Client#2...little old lady, possibly the highlight of my day. As she has there uncanny ability to be sarcastically blunt, noticeable by how she explains how the young lady training with my business partner has a "big butt for a white girl." HaHaHa

1000am: Wife calls to say she is on the way to gym.

1004am: Wife walks into gym.. W-T-Fark?!?! fast were you driving again?

1015am: Janitor comes in gym to harass me about not closing the door to my office in the evening...Note to self: Leave door open everyday just to keep him on his toes.

1030am: Client#2 done, Wife's session begins.

1045am: Wife is beginning to scare the guys because she trains harder than most of them... A big Chestshire Cat Grin on my face! Plus she grunts/growls too...

1130am: Wife done, back to the breakroom to rummage thru their goods...someone has spotted me...quickly dispose of them with a karate chop to their neck, and stuff them into closet...back to gym

1130am-100pm: heres where it's gets interesting...janitor guy comes back with story about how the front desk clerk has pissed him off. He calls her a "brush" which I assume means "fat-butt" in janitor language...

Metrosexual guy tells partner he is too loud and to lower his voice. Now I get to watch partner blow up on said metro. By which the metro then asks about personal training...hmm wonder what brought this about hahaha

I wander back in to myself to someone else's lunch.

Scurry off back to gym whilst said metro guy is angry about his lunch being gone for the 3rd time this week. I wonder who would have done such a thing?

Go home and watch Food Network until 330pm...get call from partner saying "open back gym door" even though I'm still at home...

400pm: get ready to head back to gym...wife says take kids with you because they are tearing up house...great! Now they can clean the labor

415pm: back at gym, Client #3 &4 walk in together...time to pay the piper.

500pm: said clients now pass out from pure exhuastion whilst I eat a box of donuts and scream obscenities in German or Mandarin depending on how I'm feeling...

545pm: Zumba class starts, I introduce myself as the replacement instructor...Fabio

547pm: Zumba instructor runs me out her class for impersonation...

600pm: head back home with kids pushing to get them ready for Jr. Olympics so we take the long way home.

7-900pm: eat, plan tomorrows day of excitement, sleep

Mr.Silverback 06-27-2011 10:50 PM

I thought about making this an article of sorts but went against it...just want to add a bit of humor to someones day!

Abaddon 06-27-2011 11:04 PM

LOL read! :D

Spartigus 06-27-2011 11:55 PM

Hahahah!! That was funny!

Note to self: Keep lunch under lock and key

LtL 06-28-2011 05:01 AM

Entertaining read :)


Gaz6682 06-28-2011 05:40 AM

Very nice post, certainly made me smile :)

Ryano 06-28-2011 07:17 AM

Thanks for the morning laugh!

Shadowschmadow 06-28-2011 07:50 AM

Lulz... Your habits are what starts wars in my house. Lol. The wife and I don't fight often, but when we do its about who stole who's chipotle leftovers.

BendtheBar 06-28-2011 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by Mr.Silverback (Post 148481)
1130am-100pm: heres where it's gets interesting...janitor guy comes back with story about how the front desk clerk has pissed him off. He calls her a "brush" which I assume means "fat-butt" in janitor language...

^ Enjoyed this.

Wlfdg 06-28-2011 06:26 PM

That was a fun read!

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