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Success increases with a prepared mind. I search for the vitamins of the heart and spirit outside the gym.

As this will make me go to the gym and focus my thoughts on what I need to inside the gym.

I have learned over time that its not the time (or what I think) in the gym that's the most important, but the 99% of time I am away from the gym living my life, and dealing with variable issues that can inhibit me from going to the gym or enabling me to go the gym, that is the most important (IMHO).

With this in mind many personal factors surface. Such as:

1. Why I want my fitness goal, how "powerful" "inside" is the "want" of this personal goal?

2. What are my weaknesses in reaching this goal?

a. Education in training basics, dietary methods? How can I educate my path so I can look at----myself--with educated eyes, and weed through the BS, and get to the truth in what matters?

b. Example: How is dietary structure/training/life/sleep effecting my mood?

I have learned that the body can sometimes........lie and tell you the absolute truth---and sometimes at the same I have to look at it though an educated mind, and make decisions accordingly--therefore education in what I am doing and IN MYSELF is KEY.

Ever feel tired (whether dieting down to lose tissue or trying to gain tissue), and not want to go to the gym? But, once you start, you feel better, and energy explodes? The body wasnt tired, it just lied, bro. Its this sort of bs, we deal with out of the gym. And, sometimes its the opposite: We feel very good, and energetic, and the time in the gym just plain sucked. But, if we keep on putting the peices of the puzzle (of the self) together, it will eventually form that picture, eh?

3. Personal Strengths and Weaknesses how are these playing a role? How can I improve them or eliminate them? etc, etc

a. Getting to KNOW the demons inside me BETTER than the friends inside my soul.

4. How do I deal with the variables of life, and become flexible so I can maintain my path?

Etc, etc, just a few examples.

Therefore, I think more out of the gym, than I do in the gym, and my demeanor and attitude is checked at the door, before I walk in.

When I began a few years ago, I carried this motto in my head, as I self-educated my self in what I wanted out of fitness training and dieting:

Be wise.

Personally sanatize.

But, do not over-analyze.

Success or failure is in the head.

Attitude is everything. Life has a way of providing us with whatever we're expecting it to provide, whether positive or negative. How we approach each day, our attitude, makes all the difference in how we experience life and in how well we respond to life's challenges.

We all have the internal fruits to build good roots toward our our personal goals, and in my opinion, the time spent out of the gym is the most vital.

Then.......with the things I learned outside the gym, I can think INSIDE the gym with the things I need to.

May a good attitude always be at your side as an asset to your intelligence.


Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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