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highkick09 05-04-2011 12:51 PM

Hk thinking?
ok Calories in/ calories out who think its bullshit or not?

There is too many variables to take into consideration, I was in the lab testing and during research we were all explaining there are too many variables.

sweetners etc

what are your fews

2. I keep to a diet the same but past few days I increased more calories by:
2 eggs/peas/chickpeas 240g
chicken breast 110-120g/peas/lentils 120g
chicken breast 110-120g/peas/pinto beans 200g (pwo)
chicken breast 110-120g/peas/lentils 120g
Brazilian nuts (10 nuts)
4 cups of green teas

calories 2400 approx
usually I would have 1800-2200

total peas = 1kg 200g

now I was thinking

i could mess with the carbs and get a extra meal by doing this:

2 eggs/peas/chickpeas 120g
chicken breast 110-120g/peas/lentils 120g
chicken breast 110-120g/peas/chickpeas 120g (pwo) ( have more fats or protein)
chicken breast 110-120g/peas/lentils 120g
Brazilian nuts (10 nuts)
4 cups of green teas

which is a slight change means I lower my carb ratio. now i am thinking to eat as much legumes & fibres as i wish to see body change if any.

I have been tempted to do high fats & high proteins & only peas in a diet to see if anything a change in my body.

now I have ordered a food scale which should be hear in the next 3-5 days.

3. It says hour exercise is approx. 450-600 calories burned but at same time hard to believe because people train and only eat 2400 and slow progress could there be other variables such as:

1. body is used to exercise & adapted to it that it does not burn as much calories
2. Bad science because "The eating versus exercise, calories in/calories out model of fat loss. There are many ways to increase how we burn calories. Our understanding of nutrition is very primitive. Nutrition now is where surgery was in the 1600"

Just curious to see what everyone views are on this?

everyone is different and i know that but nutrition science is a gold mind there is so much we do no understand.

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