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5kgLifter 05-03-2011 12:10 PM

Wife Swap USA
Today there was a great episode of this on; one family were powerlifters (2 daughters, husband, wife), the other, the wife gave Tea Parties and dressed in Princess style fairy dresses etc.

The typical stereotypical stuff got raised, the "Princess" asking why the girls were doing a masculine sport, suggesting it was inappropriate and unlady-like as well. But anyway, all that aside...the powerlifting family from NY live in a renovated Gym, nice, don't know if any of you have heard of them...the McCalisters, or saw the show at all.

I have to say, I would have been bored living the life of the girly-princess, the powerlifters were having way more fun.

BendtheBar 05-03-2011 12:15 PM

I think I might have crossed paths with the the powerlifters (at one point). The guy once posted on either MAB or another forum I frequented.

I remember him saying that he had been contacted by the show. But I can't say for certain what his name was.

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