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General Board You can talk about anything here. Life, sports, rants, whatever.

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Default MAB vs. The World!

I just wanted to mention something about MAB and my vision for the forum...

This forum isn't elitist or better than any other's just different. MAB has a lot of experienced competitors and almost no beginners, so it has a different viewpoint, and in many ways, a different goal.

I personally don't look at MAB as better than any other site or forum. Most other lifting forums are more of a fitness forum with a higher population of guys looking for abs and that sort of thing. I don't have a problem with that's just not the goal of most here. But if guys do come here with that goal, we will help them and provide no nonsense advice...or at least point them in the right direction the best we can.

We respect all men and all goals. We always have, and always will.

This forum is also a forum of friends. Many of us have met. We keep a different set of rules (no e-stats, required pictures or videos to provide substantial training advice) which severely limits the amount of people that want to come here. This is a very limiting set of rules, and keeps the forum small - which can be good and bad.

Many beginners don't feel comfortable here because we have such a crazed focus on the basics. We have so many great folks that register and leave. I wish this wasn't so.

I hate the fact that we scare anyone off.

Every forum will have a degree of foolishness and misguided advice. At the end of the day, the only thing we can control is how we treat others. I make mistakes every day, and am glad when I am reminded of these mistakes.

Experienced lifters and experienced men (generally) make fewer mistakes, but that doesn't make them better - just older.

I am glad that we have the group of guys here that we do. But I want the site to at least triple in size. Far too many lifters leave because the site is still growing and isn't quite big enough yet.

To keep the forum on track as it grows we need to honor the principles of MAB:

--Respect all men. This doesn't mean we can't disagree.
--Relationships above dogma. Never let a debate divide a friendship.
--Honestly. No e-stats. We are who we are. Being "weak" or "wrong" or a beginning trainee isn't bad thing. We all start somewhere. Let's be honest about where we are at so we can make progress.
--Transparency. We require pictures or videos for those that provide substantial advice only to be transparent. This isn't about "only the big and strong and ripped guys can give advice." It's about trust. I want everyone on this forum to know the face of the man that is helping them.

This is the MAB way. I have made plenty of mistakes and strayed from this way.

As they say, iron sharpens iron. Each of us has days in which the fitness realm can cause our heads to split. It's ok to laugh about it. It's also ok to have bad days, or to get frustrated, or to make mistakes. Having lofty goals doesn't mean you have to be perfect - it simply means you try to do better every day.

If each of us continues to stay on the MAB path, and move forward every day with honor and respect, we will continue to push each other in the right direction as lifters and as men. Iron sharpens iron.

10/4 good buddy, over and out!


Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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