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BendtheBar 01-20-2011 03:38 PM

Link and PM Spam
Link and PM spam is completely dead. I programmed 99.999% of it out of the system.

I have edited the code so home Page links no longer show up on profiles. This renders profile link spammers harmless.

Signature link spammers can't add a signature link until they post X (secret) number of times, and 99.999% of them will go away before making that effort.

Members also need X (secret) total posts before they can add links to threads, so they are harmless.

PM link spammers can't send PMs until they hit X (secret) posts, so 99.9999% will go away.

You can still add links to personal sites, blogs, whatever in your signatures once you have posted a few times, which we completely allow here at MAB.

I am the Jedi Code Master.

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