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hugerobb 09-19-2010 08:44 AM

My Life is a Freakshow
I found this today and it pretty much is how I feel and I thought I would post it here for everyone too read.

Freakshow to me is like ball games and barbeques to most people. The world of an iron addict is alien to just about everyone... Except you. If you read this , it is because you are ready to leave the sandbox behind and step up to the Freakshow. My home gym is everywhere Animal soldiers rep our lunatic set. I've trained just about everywhere you can think of. You could say I walk on the fringe of the iron game, so come with me on the ride of your life. If you make it, you will have one thing that is impossible to buy and very hard to come by--my respect. Look me up...I'm holdin' down my spot in dirty Atlanta or in the city that never cares. Freakshow is all I know. It is in the way the lady at the checkout register stares at me. It is the way little kids' eyes light up when I walk into a room. It is everything you want to be, and I know why you want it... I live it everyday.

BendtheBar 09-19-2010 09:42 AM

Nice quote HR.

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