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General Board You can talk about anything here. Life, sports, rants, whatever.

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Default NEW program- give me your thoughts and opinons...

1st see notes in next post

DAY 1- Press 1- Focus on chest
Flat Bench- heavy low reps (as much rest as needed)
Incline Bench- 2x4-8 (2 minutes rest)
Military Press-3-5sets X 3 reps
Hammer Strength Seated Chest Press- 2x6-10 (if recovery is a problem or I’m short on time, this will go)
Pec Dec- 2x high reps of 12-15 to get pump/burn

DAY 2- Heavy Legs & Back
Squat- Heavy low reps however I want
Deadlift- will do this once every 1.5 weeks or so… but not everytime (kills my CNS )
RDLs will sometimes be rotated in when DL is not… focusing on form in the 4-6 rep range
BB ROWS- either 6*3 or 3x5 heavy weight

DAY 3- PRESS 2- focus on shoulders & Tris
Seated Military Press- however I want working up to one heavy set and then another set of higher reps
DB Arnold Press- 3x5 pyramiding up to the top set and then a back off set of higher reps
Incline Neutral Press- 3*not sure what rep range… probably will vay all the way from 5-10.
CGBP- 2x4-6
Tri high rep work… I’d I wont do a shoulder burn since I’ll already do a burn set of seated MP and DB Arnolds

DAY- 4 Legs & Back (more emphasis on hypertrophy)
Seated Box Squat- HEAVY TOP SET and then a back of set @ 90% of the top set
Front Squat- higher reps
Leg Press- 2x10-12
(rotating) Pull ups or Lat Pull down 2x6-8 for LPD and 2x4 or so for pull ups
DB Rows- 2x4-8 or Seated Cable Row 2x6-8
High rep back Burn sets (2)
Hyper Extentions trying to work hammies 2x8
I <3 front squats
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give, opinons, program, thoughts

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