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Marc 07-08-2010 11:48 PM

Looking for a simple do it at home routine for a friend who wants to lose weight
A good friend of mine has had a child in the past and carries around some extra weight that she would like to get rid of. I told her I would help her in coming up with a simple yet effective routine that she could do from home with little to no fitness equipment. I am going to donate a Foam roll and a couple of bands to aid in warm ups etc. I am thinking aside from strictly running, a couple days a week might involve something as follows:

Do as many as you can of the following in 30 seconds:

Body weight squats
20 second rest
20 second rest
20 second rest
20 second rest

2:00 rest in between, then repeat 6 times or so

I thought about a different day maybe squat jumps or burpees, I am just playing around here, I would like any and all input in this as I really dont have a ton of experience in this type of "dynamic" training for a beginner. Eventually in hopes of adding light dumbell work which would open all kinds of doors. The main focus is to lose weight but I would like to see her doing more than just running, working into some light weights being added to the things listed above to help strengthen her overall as well. Liek I say this is just an idea I am playing with, some experienced input would be greatly appreciated. Wasnt really sure where to post something like this.

kman025 07-08-2010 11:51 PM

hate to say it, but p90x....

i did this when i was in totally ****ty shape and lost 30lbs. it would probably be great for her....

big_swede 07-09-2010 01:40 AM

maybe ad a set of jump-rope or soo to? just thinking here

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