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Default BodybyGamma's Back to the drawing board Strongman Write up

Only Slept 3 hours, decided that I should do this contest 1 week prior since I just finished all my school work, papers, homeworks etc... early, and wanted to just compete to justify lack of motivation and training, so I can rest for this upcoming finals week. Took about 3hours to get to the place, and I was crammed in the car so that didn't help, but was glad to travel with friends.

Skipped breakfast because I weighted in 264lbs @home and didn't want to compete with the super heavies even though the weight was the same, but weighed in @261 so that was stupid. Got badly sun burned, hardly hydrated or ate, was just a zombie out of it.

Axle Clean Once and Press for reps
Well we warmed up with a deadlift bar, in fear there were no axles, but there were axles, so when we warmed up with them it was 220lbs with tires, so an easier continental clean and even press IMO.Felt so light, I push pressed 2 reps and strict-ed press the last one with super ease. One of the light weights busted it. So without warming up with the low pick we went onward to 250lbish, felt way different, pretty heavy, got 2 reps and overlocked a 3rd rep causing me to loose the bar, drop it behind my neck and fall on my back, I have a video, it was sick. This sole event ruined my day and made me feel like I was doomed.

800lbs+ Balding(crappy tread) Tire
Ok so, to speed things up, went head to head with the Lightweights, which sucked because I did not get that much rest, barely 15 minutes, am always the first to open up so have no motivation to kill myself.I got used to the nice tread tire we have an thought I could flip it the wide arms outside stance I use, NO DICE, had to do a SUMO hands in style flip that felt slow and awkward. If Johnny W and my friends weren't cheering me on I would have stopped with the first flip. Forced out 5 in total, nothing special.

300lbs+ Cylinder "B@st@d" Farmers Walk for Max distance
Another head to head, less rest, but at this point, I just wanted to get the competition over with. Re-lined the handles with athletic tape so the pick wasn't too bad. Picked it to test it felt ok,heard and seen bad things from these farmers at Sportsfest last summer when my friend Ehubbs competed so I was worried. Managed to take them 25-30ft I believe,had decent speed, but couldn't hold on to it, kept moving hitting my legs and what not, lost it. This is an overall pr for heaviest farmers walk I ever done ever.

Max Deadlift, wessels rule 50lbs jumps
No real chance for warm ups, 365/400/450 all randomly done. Skipped 500, went straight for 550, came up a little crooked, bar had no whip at all which is my #1 enemy in deadlifts, and thing the bar was crooked. Anyways budged 600lbs 1 inch off the ground and lost it. Had no energy, felt defeated, told everyone this is my best event and once again at a competition bombed it.

Stone over Bar for reps
Was supposed to be 330lbs over 44inches in 60secs, but was changed to 48-52inches I guessed, pretty damn high. Didn't even want to do stones, but manned up to be a good sport to my fellow peers. Screwed up the first pick, and lost it, re set picked it, loaded it, got it stuck on the bar, SCREAMED "NO,NO,NO!....UP!.....YES! Got one rep, which was a huge height pr, and tired one more it slipped out, called it quits.

I know when I am beaten. Not pleased by my overall performance, hit all competitions prs, which suck. Thought I was stronger then this oh well. Been having a very rough year, going to just re-evaluate goals and training, and rest this week and just finish up with my school work and finals, before doing anything serious, so I can heal up physically, emotionally and mentally, and start loving what I do again. Don't care I took 4th out of 4th, what bothers me was I should have performed was better,made a lot of rookie mistakes, stand out in the sun, not hydrate or eat, get unfocused,etc. This is my 7th Strongman competition, and I should have been better prepared... Back to the drawing board.

Going to add a few things here I didn't write up on my other strongman forum where I post my contest write ups. Didn't like the way the contest was ran, too much waiting around unsure whats going on with sudden changes in events and super heat death sun rays blasting down burning the hell out of me, with the car and the indoors area FAR FAR FAR of a walk away from the events so I couldn't rest or relax. Like I said made many rookie mistakes, wont let it happen again. I forgot STRONGMAN competitions are hazardous, dangerous, brutal and UN-accommodating, that's not the promoters, fault, its my own for not knowing better.
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