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Iron Gladiator 03-10-2010 10:21 AM

Bigger, Stronger Arms: The Poliquin Way
An in-depth look at strength coach Charles Poliquin's new arm training book.


BendtheBar 03-10-2010 10:32 AM

From the article...


Bigger, Stronger Arms: The Poliquin Way
by Bryan Krahn

An in-depth look at strength coach Charles Poliquin's new arm training book.

When I heard that Charles Poliquin was set to release a new book on arm training, I have to admit that my initial reaction was less than enthusiastic.

First of all, it's arm training. It's been done to death. Virtually every strength coach and physique star has at some point released a book, magazine article, or "lifestyle video" outlining their secrets to building massive guns. And as much as I love bodybuilding and learning new things, there are only so many different ways you can explain how to perform a biceps curl.

Secondly, Charles had already published what many consider to be a pretty good arm book in Winning the Arms Race. It seemed foolish to re-release material unless, to borrow a popular Poliquinism, the human body somehow managed to evolve since 1997.

So why another arm book, Charles?

"While the programs in Winning the Arms Race are effective, the book itself was incomplete," says Poliquin. "It didn't take into account the variety of deficiencies a lifter might have that could hold them back from making optimal gains.

"For example, if the brachialis is under-developed you'll never have big biceps. Same with the long head of the triceps."

"But I also address other key, often overlooked areas that I see every day in my training practice. This book is designed to allow every lifter to figure out exactly where their deficiencies lie and target them directly, and in effect become their own personal strength coach.

"So you ask me who needs another book, and I say, you all do!"

Heinz 57

The sub-heading of Poliquin's new book is 57 Methods For Strong, Muscular Arms, and it's an important designation. Charles presents each method as a "tip" with some being short, one-paragraph quick-hitters, while others are in-depth and span several pages, actually providing a lot more tips than just 57.

CallmeKing 03-10-2010 10:48 AM

Good read definately going to work a little harder on some of those lifts he mentioned

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