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bizzyb250 02-02-2010 05:58 PM

Ai Cycle support....m-lmg/epi
Ai cycle support and m-lmg/epi
(1) Ai cycle support chocolate $33 shipped

(10)product xx 90 caps of m-lmg/x-mass (13-ethyl and epi) $40 shipped


The steroid in the figure is 13b-ethyl-3-methoxy-2,5
(10)-gona-diene-17-one. It is on the market, already for years, as a basic material for anti conception pils, but not as active ingredient in designer supplements. This situation has changed in the winter of 2006, when the designer supplement X-Mass was introduced. The anabolic and androgenic activity of 13b-
ethyl-3-methoxy-2,5(10)-gona-diene-17-one is limited.
This is however not the case with its metabolite 13b-
The steroid in X-mass is quickly converted into 13b-
ethyl-nor-androstenedione in the acidic environment of the stomach. This androgenic metabolite is depicted in the figure.
Steroid 13b-ethyl-
nor-androstenedione shows some resemblance with the designer steroid Norbolethone.

(10) product x 60 caps of (sd/hdrol) $35 one of the best compounds ever!!!!Nice dry lean mass!!!!!!!!
Dropping methyl's til my liver falls out!!!!!

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