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BendtheBar 01-29-2010 09:49 AM

Buy Sell Trade Forum is Up! - Rules of the Forum
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This is the Buy, Sell Trade forum.

This forum uses iTrader to monitor your transactions. Screw someone over, and good luck selling anything again.

iTrader => Muscle and Brawn Forums


1) Don't list anything you don't want to sell. If it gets listed, and you pull it, you will get a negative rating.
2) Don't buy anything you don't want to buy. If you buy it, pay for it. Don't try to back out. Ask questions before you commit to a purchase.
3) Don't list anything illegal. If you are uncertain about a product, ask in the supplements forum or the general forum...NOT here.
4) This forum is only for Buy, Sell Trade threads. Any other threads posted here will be deleted or moved.
5) The 3 week rule. The seller has exactly 3 weeks to get the product to the buyer's door. No excuses! A seller may list other shipping conditions, or quicker delivery, but if he does - that promise needs to happen.
6) The shut up and wait rule. Don't come on this forum and bitch if you haven't received anything before the 3 weeks is up. If you do, you will get a negative rating by the admins!
7) Prices. Prices must be listed.
8) Price bashing. If you don't like the price someone is asking...too bad. Leave them alone, and don't spam useless messages on their thread. Respect all sale/trade threads.

And lastly...

9) Sex sells! Feel free to place the product between your girlfriend or wife's cleavage, and post up a picture. Just kidding (...or am I?)

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