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BendtheBar 04-28-2014 11:55 PM

Thanks for your support.
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I am almost embarrassed to post this before pic. I put everything I had into chasing a 2,000 raw total last year, and it nearly cost me dearly.

Here I am 9 months later, approaching my 47th birthday. Thanks to everyone who supported me during both journeys.

IrishHitman 04-29-2014 12:04 AM

You look great, man. Glad I could be along for the ride!

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Henry19 04-29-2014 12:20 AM

WOW! #newsteve

ravimolasaria 04-29-2014 01:40 AM

Steve version 2.0 :adore: :adore:

Dray 04-29-2014 02:25 AM

I hope I've managed to give some support in whatever way. Not least because you are awesomely supportive of all of us here (and probably a number elsewhere). But not just that. :)

So anyway, you both well and truly earn and deserve it, IMO.

skids 04-29-2014 05:26 AM

That's a amazing transformation mate, Congratulations.

BobbyMac 04-29-2014 05:54 AM

Congrats, Steve. Looking like a stud.

TDawg75 04-29-2014 06:54 AM

Outstanding job, Skinny Steve! Thank you for all you do in helping all the MABsters reach their goals as well.

kitarpyar 04-29-2014 07:11 AM

Superb transformation. The before and after snaps should be on the transformation thread :)

Onwards to the stage now.

chiroman 04-29-2014 09:46 AM

Looking good. hows the strength holding up?

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