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General Board You can talk about anything here. Life, sports, rants, whatever.

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Old 07-29-2013, 06:16 PM   #1
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Max Brawn
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Default Do you care about the "Gift of Life?"

Most of us have careers, jobs we like, and jobs we do not like, but in the end we have to work for a variety of reasons (I don't think I have to outline the reasons, we know what these are).

We go to work on average when we do not want to, having a bad attitude, being emotional about something, feeling slightly sick, or in some cases majorly sick, when the car breaks down we find a work around, and go through other trials and tribulation throughout the year, just to ensure we get to our jobs and earn a pay check for our families.

Its a high priority....of course!

Oh....of course!

Do I really have to go in-depth and describe what "drives" this behavior?"

All the while, there is one, and one "being" only, taking this walk with you.

Its your physical and mental body.

Where is "its" priority? Why does it get the treatment of the back end of a mule?

Your physical and mental body is the very mechanism allowing you to go to work, breath, think, and some cases reason, bend, stoop, squat, pick up things. It gives you vision, strength, in some cases endurance, stamina, feeling, emotions, sense of smell, sense of hearing, and many other things in order for you to sustain this living your very life, and share your love with family, friends, and they sharing their love with you.

All the while, if this physical and mental body breaks down--YOU ARE FINISHED. And, how much, depends on the the "combination" that breaks down (gets hurt, etc, etc), and how you are able to mend the pieces to get back up. And, lets hope, hope, your neglect (etc), doesn't lead to you laying on the back of your ass, in a coffin, then you are really physically-FINISHED.

And, you would give this "very being" less attention?


I will say that again:THIS IS STUPID

Think about this some:

Some people go through all kinds of trials, tribulations, rearrangement of schedules at work, appointments, dates, and other type of living this life things---just to go out to party and drink (for example), arranging a baby sitter, dinner dates, vacations, "fucking off" (necessarily, unnecessarily), even lie and cheat to miss work for various things, etc, etc, and put a large "percentage" of their heart and determination from their physical and mental body into it.....

All the while, its:

The physical and mental body "allowing" them to do it, and assuming without thought or merit, that it will always function as it always has...again paying not attention, some cases inappropriately putting off the time scheduled spend time with the physical and mental body (Diet and Training).


I will say this again: THIS IS STUPID!

The gift of life, should be cherished, not assumed, and taken care of, to take care of you....

Or may just not show up when you want it to (or a loved one does), and should not be a low priority akin to whale shit on the bottom of the ocean.

Your body fights for you everyday with or without your consent (fighting bacteria, viruses, etc, etc), and you don't even know it on an any given

Your physical and mental body is the one in which walks you through life, and you do not choose, to....give it the additional: Gift of life?


I DARE YOU TO INSULT its VERY PRESENCE inside your body.

You do not deserve to be in its skin. Especially with all that power wrapped inside...untapped. have one shot living this life.

And, you make your petty excuses not to train or break your diet, being weak, and dishonoring......


and one day it just may, dishonor you.

I have this song rolling in my head, and I am twisting the "context" of the song to point to the body, instead of its "intended meaning", and the song is called:

"Dont you forget about me"

(Just see my intended meaning here, lol)

If you forget assume your physical and mental body will always perform, then one day, it just may...forget about you.

You are all you have. Your physical and mental body is dependent on you, and you are dependent on it. Brothers ya, see. Fight together, just as you fight to sustain a living, or have fun, etc...

Then it won't forget you.

================================================== =====
Obstacles tend to be unexpected but should be expected.

They can come at the most inconvenient times-----when is the right time?


You got this right.

Give some one a helping hand and encouragement today. Spread peace and happiness, and kindness...

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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Old 07-30-2013, 02:47 PM   #2
Moderation is for cowards
Max Brawn
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I needed this. Thank you Don!
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