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Chillen 07-08-2013 02:36 PM

Remember MaB family you are simply the best!
Woosh this in the brain!

Bring in the truth:

1. Change the changeable! Yes recognize the things you have control over, and recognize two things that you do have control over: A. What you think, and B. What you will do.

When you are failing and think you have tried everything, you are wrong. It is nearly impossible to have tried everything.

When you feel down and feel like giving up when trying something that has failed; there are so many options to drive one that is virtually impossible to say one has tried everything: you havent tried everything yet!---the one that works.

So rise above all personal challenges and find the RIGHT ONE DANG IT!

YOU guide this ship to harbor or sink before getting there.


And, dont forget it!!!!

================================================== ========

We are a very special group of women and men. WE make this forum together as one team, working together for the common good of people. A friend is one whom believes in you when you don't believe in yourself, and is by your side...


No matter your goals, no matter your personal issues:

The body is without a doubt, an accumulation of its past history. The body you have at this very moment is, part, of this accumulative result.

You are "required" to overcome them to be your personal champion.

================================================== ========

Progression is the key as we all know:

So--Keep adding the Plates: because it TRANSLATES AND CREATES without any DEBATE muscle UPDATES!.........

Buh, ha....but its true! :)

Do you feel your heart? Ya do......then use it! Its always willing to give ya the real deal, just like the iron does.

Get after it today..............And assist your fellow man or woman....

Makes our small space a much better place....
And creates such a bond, that will never be broken....

May all of you have peace and love in our lives....


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