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curlbrah 03-29-2013 04:20 PM

Yard work started
Started in on the yard today. It was almost 60, have not seen that kind of weather in a while here. Got maybe 1/4 of the yard raked, and a tree cut down. Off to a pretty good start. Bring on spring.

Edzo69 03-31-2013 09:10 PM

Big yard then? I know the feeling takes me 2 days to mow my 5 acres of weeds lol. We were lucky this year, had very dry summer so hardly any weeds, ya!

Keepthemomentum 04-04-2013 10:42 AM

Feel your pain, man. My yard had to be taken back from being overgrown for 2 years. Almost done now, just a lot of settled dirt. 5 acres is nuts. Gotta love tractors though, right?

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