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BendtheBar 07-05-2009 02:52 PM

Fake Muscle and Brawn
Just want to give everyone a heads up...there is a new domain with the muscle and brawn name, and it is NOT run or owned by this site...

RickB 07-05-2009 02:53 PM

What the hell? >:(

BendtheBar 07-05-2009 02:54 PM

People are freaking bizarro. Anything to try and make a buck...instead of making your own site.

jwood 07-05-2009 02:54 PM


BendtheBar 07-05-2009 02:55 PM

It's not a big deal. People do it all the time. They find up and coming Alexa sites and create knockoffs hoping to make a couple bucks. As long as he doesn't start stealing my content.

Some guys take my content...They're called this's my writing....

There is one major bodybuilding site, which I will not name, who steals ideas, and hashes them together into their own articles. I've seen my ideas on their site. But they don't only do it just to me. They steal from everyone. I've seen pictures from articles on others sites hacked together on their site. I've seen my ideas reshaped.

They're one of the top BB sites on the web now.

It's all part of the game. They change it just enough so it isn't plagiarism. There is an entire industry on the web that profits off this style of content.

tim 07-05-2009 02:59 PM

Wow thats insane! Time for a whooping i think.

BendtheBar 07-05-2009 02:59 PM

A few weeks ago I posted an article telling you how to find out caloric needs by taking lean body mass times a multiplier.

This week, another bodybuilding site posted the same thing, but tweaked my formula a bit so they weren't ripping me off.

meagain 07-05-2009 03:00 PM

Yeah, true muscle is some type of bot - they grip from everyone I swear.

I am dying to know who the major BB site is? There are so many freakin scrapers that it's almost the norm now. Some people just think content is their for the taking.

The blows btw. Really not hot at all..

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